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Earlier in the summer of 2015, the Power Electronics Machines and Control Research Group (PEMC) together with the Faculty of Engineering developed an electric superbike from the ground up, including full custom design of frame, electrical system, batteries etc. The bike saw its first miles at the Isle of Man TT Zero finishing sixth overall and first University, setting a good start for the summer season.

With Daley Mathison on board, the team was delighted to achieve pole positions, fastest lap times and, at the end of the summer, they became MotoE Champions 2015!

Heading into 2016, the team was determined to repeat and build upon 2015's success. The team took on the added challenge of running two race bikes, with Daley returning to ride UoN-01 and old friend, Jeremiah Johnson, riding UoN-02. Both bikes and riders performed brilliantly, taking first and second place in the Championship. UoN are MotoE Champions 2016! 

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Information about the bike

  • Designed for speeds over 180mph
  • 12 kWhr of stored energy, peak power of >200kW
  • Finished third  in the MotoE European Race Series of 2014 with an Agni Bike
  • Raced at the Isle of Man TT Zero 2015 securing the University Prize
  • MotoE Champions 2015
  • MotoE Champions and Runner-Up 2016


The University of Nottingham team is delighted to have received sponsorship from MuRata - we're grateful for their support.

The team also appreciates the close collaboration with Parker (motor), Haiyin (batteries), GIA Engineering (frame), Rook Composites, Dymag Performance Wheels, PFM Brakes, Charnwood Fasteners, Hobbyking, and CeraCarbon/CeraDure

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Power Electronics, Machines and Control Group

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telephone: +44 (0) 115 951 5356
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