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We are bringing together more than 100 academics working on cancer across the University to create an internationally recognised centre for cancer research studies. 

Our research

Our expertise in cancer research includes:

  • Cancer biology
  • Molecular pathology
  • Drug discovery, delivery and development
  • Cancer immunology
  • Primary care
  • Public health
  • Early detection
  • Haemato-oncology
  • Radiation oncology
  • Cancer genetics

We will work to maximise the impact of these disciplines on improving cancer treatment and care, while also harnessing the contribution of academics collaborating in complementary fields such as imaging, materials, maths and computer science. Establishing a collaborative, dynamic research community will lead to more breakthroughs, improving the lives of people with cancer, and preventing more people developing cancer.

Our impact

Despite substantial advances in diagnosis and treatment, one in four Britons still die from cancer. By bringing together the full range of related research in The University of Nottingham and expertise in areas such as drug development and primary care, our cancer research will further improve treatments and outcomes for cancer patients and their families. Sharing understanding of discoveries in cancer biology, detection, treatment and care will also equip health professionals to deliver the best possible outcomes and enhance the University’s standing as a world-class educational and research institute.

Our University

The University of Nottingham has acknowledged expertise in areas related to cancer, includingearly detection, prevention, palliative care, tumour micro-environment, psychology, immunology, imaging of tumours, precancerous states. Much of this work is related to another of The University of Nottingham’s key strengths: a patient-centred view, which explores how patients respond to their cancers, and vice versa. By focusing our research strengths, and keeping the patient at the heart of research and training, The University of Nottingham can make a significant contribution to tackling a leading cause of death in the UK and across the world.

Our expertise ranges from the Sir Peter Mansfield Centre in Physics, to the Primary Care Division in the School of Medicine, encompassing translational oncology, immuno-oncology, cancer biology, drug discovery and many research areas in between. Our vision is to synergise Nottingham’s expertise in cell biology, primary care, physics, chemistry, behavioural sciences and healthcare.

Research Centres, Groups and Institutes


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