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Marine policy and development has led to the formation of a true, distinct, marine economy. Its study is truly in its infancy, but our investment is allowing us to drive innovation and development in this vital area.

Our research

Building on the establishment of the International Academy of Marine Economy and Technology (IAMET), we are dedicated to bringing together world-leading academics to enable interdisciplinary research. We focus on industrial challenges to the marine economy, working closely with industry partners.

Our impact

The marine economy has always been a vital part of global society, but as technology and demand for resources increases the pressure on it grows. By understanding the key components of that economy, the pressure on it and the threats to its growth and sustainability, we can ensure that it continues to have an important part to play as we build better and more cohesive societies.

Our University

With the creation of IAMET at The University of Nottingham’s Ningbo China campus our institution has taken a great leap forward in investment into this important discipline. With campuses in China, Malaysia and the UK our University has the international understanding and experience to get to grips with this complex issue. 



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