Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre
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Professor Dorothee Auer                  
Research Interests: neuroimaging, clinical MRI, MR spectroscopy, preclinical MRI, image analysis.

Professor Richard Bowtell  (Director)  
Research interests: Development of new techniques and hardware for biomedical imaging.

Dr Matt Brookes                                 

Dr Rob Dineen                                    
Research Interests: neuroimaging, multiple sclerosis, MRI, clinical neuroradiology

Dr Henryk Faas                                   
Research Interests: molecular MRI, imaging physics, neuroimaging, preclinical MRI.

Professor Sue Francis                        

Professor Penny Gowland                 
Research Interests:Development and application of novel and established quantitative MR methods for experimental medicine. Currently particularly interested in z-spectrum (magnetization transfer), oximetry and ultrahigh field whole body methods, and gastroenterology, hepatology, neurology and obstetrics applications.

Dr Paul Glover                                    

Dr Walter Kockenberger                   

Dr Luca Marciani                                
Research Interests: In-body imaging of foods, beverages, dosage forms, medical devices and formulations, intestinal fluid distribution and the development of novel MRI tests for gastrointestinal motility and transit. Studies of gastrointestinal function in physiology and pathology using MRI methods in combination with other physiological and behavioural techniques. 

Professor Thomas Meersmann         
Research Interests: translational, NC3Rs, hyperpolarized 129Xe, MRI NMR, Krypton 83

Professor Peter Morris                       

Dr Karen Mullinger                             
Research Interests: Developing Simultaneous EEG-fMRI methods (acquisition and analysis), multi-modal neuroimaging (fMRI [BOLD and CBF], MEG, EEG) to improve our understanding of neurophysiology, post-stimulus responses, negative BOLD signals

Dr Galina Pavlovskaya                        
Research Interests: rheo-NMR, biological fluids, MRI, NMR

Professor Alan Perkins                      
Research Interests: medical physics, nuclear medicine, radionuclides, radiopharmacy, medical imaging, preclinical imaging, gastrointestinal transit, radiation protection, drug delivery

Dr Alexey Potapov                             

Dr Denis Schluppeck                         
The aim of my research is to understand how we use our senses of vision and touch to gather information about the world and how we use that information to make decisions. I use a combination of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) at 3T and 7T, psychophysics, and computational modeling. 

Dr Stam Sotiropoulos                        
Research Interests: Neuroimage Analysis, Brain connectivity/Connectome estimation, Diffusion MRI analysis & Tractography, Functional MRI analysis, Brain microstructure & Biophysical modeling, Big data scientific computing