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Seminar : Mapping oxygen extraction in the brain by quantifying the BOLD effect

SPMIC UP Seminar Room, University Park
Thursday 23rd January 2020 (13:00-14:00)

 SPMIC Seminar

Speaker : Nicholas Blockley, School of Life Sciences, University of Nottingham Medical School

Title :  Mapping oxygen extraction in the brain by quantifying the BOLD effect

Bio: I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Life Sciences, which I joined in November 2018 as part of the new BSc in Sport and Exercise Science programme. Previously I have worked at the University of Oxford (FMRIB now WIN) and the University of California San Diego, but originally I did my PhD here in Nottingham with Penny Gowland and Sue Francis. My research is focussed on the development and application of MRI techniques to map human physiology. This work has largely concentrated on the brain, but I am now also working to apply these techniques to skeletal muscle.

Abstract: In this talk I will introduce the underlying concepts of the quantitative BOLD technique for measuring oxygen extraction in the human brain and discuss the contributions we have made to developing this technique over the last 6 years. This work has included pulse sequence development, acquisition optimisation, simulation and data analysis improvements. I will also talk about our experience applying this technique to investigate acute stroke in a clinical research context.