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As one of the UK’s eight great technologies, regenerative medicine is a fast-growing field. Focused on novel treatments using stem cell replacement and tissue repair, regenerative medicine has to the potential to revolutionise healthcare across the globe. 

Our research

Even more importantly, regenerative medicine allows us to tackle disease and illness at the early stages, bringing huge benefits to health and wellbeing, and for a fraction of the cost of current treatments.

The University of Nottingham has already contributed considerably to this field, and our goal is to drive the excellent research that is already going on towards even greater things. By focusing on bringing together world-leading collaborators, maximising their efficiency and impact, and promoting staff development and leadership, we believe we can build on the strong foundations already in place.

Our impact

The benefits of regenerative medicine vast: according to the Bio-Industry Association, 80% of healthcare costs go towards treating the late stages of illnesses. In the future, because of work like that being done in this research priority area, these conditions could be either cured early, or better managed, with regenerative medicine. Not only would this promote better health across the lifespan, but also save billions.

Our University

With over 60 academics already involved in research in this field in the University, and with grants exceeding £100 million, this is not a new area of investment for The University of Nottingham. It’s in recognition of the important work that is being done that the University has decided to establish this priority area, and we will use collaborations such as the alliance with the University spin-off company NuVision Opthalmmics to build our research success into practical, clinical solutions.

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