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Our vision is to deliver world-leading research to increase the efficiency and environmental friendliness, and therefore sustainability, of chemical, biological and engineering technologies.

Our research

These technologies will produce new molecules required for pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, polymers, energy, fuels, food science and other applications. Research activities include:

  • catalysis
  • green Chemistry
  • process Engineering
  • renewable feedstocks

Our impact

The impact of this research is to provide green and sustainable know-how for producing molecules and materials for the future, and contribute to the national goal of having a productive and resilient nation through the knowledge base that is laid.

Our University

This area of research is prioritised at The University Nottingham due to our outstanding successes and proven track record in Green Chemistry and Engineering, an area that is gaining increasing importance through initiatives like the Carbon Neutral Laboratory, as well as fitting into the University’s commitment to a sustainable future.

Research Centres, Groups and Institutes


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