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Urban sustainability has become a global priority, but tackling it in the most densely populated places on earth, cities, is an enormous challenge. Equally difficult is understanding how we can protect cities from sudden shocks, and make them resilient enough to ensure they can contribute to sustainable societies.

Our research

Finding the answers to difficult questions about how to make cities sustainable and resilient can only be accomplished through interdisciplinary and collaborative research effort. With world-leading expertise in many of the fields that this research concerns, we are at the forefront of exploring what it means to understand and measure urban sustainability from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Our impact

The endorsement of the central role that cities have in a sustainable future has now come from the United Nations, who adopted the new urban sustainable development goal in September 2015. By developing new approaches to understand and measure urban sustainability, our research can inform regional, national and global policy to help make our cities ”inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”.

Our University

The University of Nottingham has expertise from many different areas that can help support and grow this agenda. With world-leading research occurring in three different countries, and academic partners across the world, we can bring a truly global approach to designing the cities of the future.

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