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Biochemical processes, mass transfer in novel reactor designs, Sustainable development, connecting industrial and agricultural waste streams to value-adding products, Synergistic integration between biochemical and chemical conversion, Creation of carbon efficient non-natural biochemical pathways

Professor Alex Conradie (Head of Group)
Radicals, free radicals, radical enzymes, ionic liquids, intermolecular interactions, reactivity, chemical mechanisms, enzymology, mycolic acids, phenolics, biotransformations, bioprocessing, data science, computational chemistry, molecular dynamics, quantum mechanics Dr Anna Croft
Computational chemistry, enzymatic and chemical catalysis, rational enzyme design, molecular modelling and self-assembly (Associate) Professor Christof Jaeger
Life cycle assessment / life cycle analysis / LCA; Techno-economic analysis / TEA; Evaluating emerging process technologies, materials, and energy products; Waste valorisation and circular economy; Policy analysis – biofuels, waste Dr Jonathan McKechnie
Catalysis, biocatalysis, enzyme engineering, artificial metalloenzymes, rational design Dr Anca Pordea
Advanced chemistry, reaction engineering, real-time analytics, intelligent algorithms Dr Victor Sans Sangorrin

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