Inspiring people

Inspiring people

We help our inspiring people to inspire others. The University of Nottingham is fortunate to have a huge number of exceptional researchers working with us. Their work inspires students, government policy and world-changing technologies and ideas.

Understanding the patterns of language

Svenja Adolphs

Babatunde Okesola

The 'wow' factor – researching how the growth of blood vessels affects cancer

David Bates

Fulfilling human needs, digitally

Steve Benford

Making molecules do the work

Neil Champness

Discovering ways to ease the burden of chronic pain

Victoria Chapman

The gene jockey

Chris Denning

Nottingham Research Fellow

Frankie Rawson

Nottingham Research Fellow

Gary Mirams

Tropical forests and their impact on climate change

Geertje van der Heijden

The next revolution in MRI

Penny Gowland

Nottingham Research Fellow

Graham Newton

Beacon Nottingham Research Fellow

Guillermina Mendiondo

Helen Russell

Writing and performance tells us so much about society

James Moran

Jennifer Ashworth

The early detection of breast cancer

John Robertson

The philosophy of time and the philosophy of trust

Jonathan Tallant

Karen Robertson

Kate Law

Anne McLaren Fellow

Lisa White

Plant nutrition, with a focus on the nutritional quality of crops and food systems

Martin Broadley

Nottingham Research Fellow

Michael Pound

Nottingham Research Fellow

Murray Goulden

Nathan Archer

Anne McLaren Fellow

Nesma Aboulkhair

Placing human rights at the centre of policymaking

Aoife Nolan

Pearl Agyakwa

Peter Millington

Philippa Tomczak

Evolution and enzymes

Anca Pordea

The thrill of statistics

Simon Preston

Understanding the building blocks of embryo development

Ramiro Alberio

Modelling how life works

Ruediger Thul

Sabina Lawreniuk

The value of transformative digital technologies as part of everyday culture

Sarah Martindale

How the brain maps our world

Denis Schluppeck

Sofie Sjögersten

Anne McLaren Fellow

Tanya Monaghan

Teresa Baron

New ways of fighting the malaria parasite

Rita Tewari

Nottingham Research Fellow

Toshana Foster

At the heart of our identity

Zoe Trodd

Veeren Chauhan

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