Energy generation and management

Decarbonisation will involve a huge shift in the way communities generate, store, manage and govern energy use. 

Driving that change at the fundamental level will be new materials and innovative devices that transform and carry energy generated by clean, renewable and sustainable sources. At the same time, we need to ensure that a net zero energy system is widely accessible at both a local and global level, requiring political engagement, sound economic models and societal acceptance.

We are building inclusive research consortia to bring together fundamental science and engineering, through to demonstrators for the industrial sector, with human values and social practices that shape our aspirations for and interactions with a net zero future.

Our research will lead to new ways of harnessing clean energy, to find more efficient ways to convert that energy into electricity and fuels, to develop policies and business models for the successful integration of zero carbon technologies, and to reduce inequality and energy poverty.

Each of our challenges has several co-leads from the Faculties of Social Science, Science and Engineering. If you would like to find out more about this challenge contact James O'Shea in the first instance.

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