Transport and mobility

The transport and mobility challenge will explore the sustainable future of how people, goods and services move.

Combining the University of Nottingham’s unique strengths in science, engineering and social science, we are committed to tackling climate change by improving the efficiency of transport systems. Our ambition is to improve the sustainability of transport systems at local and global levels by changing how we use energy within those systems and technologies. 

We take cutting-edge discoveries from basic science through to implementation-ready solutions. We want to link researchers, organisations, policy-makers and consumers to understand how people make transport and mobility decisions in the real world and use our insights into attitudes and behaviours to drive change. For us, this is the best way to innovate new ways of moving. 

We believe that the move to decarbonisation, the race to zero emissions and the electrification of transport systems involves new technologies but also an appreciation of the costs and benefits of change for all stakeholders in transport and mobility systems. 

Each of our challenges has several co-leads from the Faculties of Social Science, Science and Engineering. If you would like to find out more about this challenge contact David Grant in the first instance.

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