Energy Efficient Buildings

Creative Energy Homes

The Creative Energy Homes is a seven house development based at 'Green Close' on the University's main park campus. 

Overview and objectives

Research into energy efficiency in buildings spans across several subjects and different building types. It also addresses both, the challenges of new build and retrofit.

In particular, researchers at the University of Nottingham look into several aspects that contributes toward energy efficient buildings considering investigations and case studies that fall under:

  • Environmental design and comfort
  • Novel energy efficient technologies and materials exploitation
  • Building performance evaluation
  • Demand side management and smart grids

Partnership with Leading firms have resulted in the building of multi award winning project Creative Energy Homes; showcasing innovative state-of-the-art energy efficient homes and technologies. The project is considered a key to study near-zero energy housing, retrofit technologies, micro-smart grids, energy storage, demand-side management and occupants’ acceptance of innovative technologies.


Research into energy efficiency in buildings focus on sustainable design and new techniques for providing affordable, and environmentally sustainable housing.

Research team


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