Research impact

Research impact

Our research is inspiring. It brings together talented, passionate and dedicated people as they strive to make discoveries that have a real impact on lives and societies across the world.

Here at the University of Nottingham we have a long-standing reputation for transformative, world-class research. Our pioneering, multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches deliver sustainable solutions to global challenges.

At the heart of our vision for research are our people: academics and researchers, postgraduate students and support staff. By coming together, we can realise our collective potential to deliver bold, innovative and excellent research that makes an impact.

Medicine and wellbeing impact studies

Barbara Morera Maiquez researcher at the University of Nottingham

Setting Tourette’s sufferers free

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Matt Brookes researcher at the University of Nottingham

A quantum leap for brain imaging

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Steve Morgan 1600x600

Transforming outcomes for young burns victims

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Science impact studies

MA blog authors v3

From idea to demonstration of a materials macroscope: our seven-year journey

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Kalise thumbnail image

Mathematicians are at frontline in the fight against Covid

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Skyline at night with network

Making way for 5G and beyond

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Arts and culture impact studies

Memorial to Queen Victoria statue

Contested heritage: art, empire and monuments in Leeds

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Maiken Umbach 1600x600

Through whose eyes are we seeing the past?

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Lab technician wearing PPE operating cryogenic machinery

The three amigos: chaos, Covid-19, (research) culture

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Environment impact studies

Emily ODonnell a Nottingham researcher stood in a green space

My Blue-Green vision

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Photograph of person cycling along a coastal promenade wearing a protective face mask

Living in a material world

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Creating greener air travel for all

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Society impact studies

Hand washing in action

Empowering vulnerable communities to fight Covid-19: the case of Zimbabwe

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Farm workers in a field

Evaluating the risk of labour exploitation among migrant workers in the UK during Covid-19

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Communicating with Generation Z

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