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Internally Funded Fellowships

Contact information

It is recommended that candidates discuss their proposed expression of interest (EOI) with the School/Faculty that would host their Fellowship, should their application be successful. 

Each academic unit has nominated a lead academic to act as the contact point for applicants. Contact details for each School/Faculty are provided in the contacts section below. Please ensure you follow the appropriate instructions for each School/Faculty.

When submitting an EOI to the nominated lead, please mark your email “Name – NRF/AMF Expression of Interest submission”.

If you are applying for both schemes, please ensure that you indicate this on the EOI form, and mark your email NRF/AMF Expression of Interest submission.

For further general information about the scheme or the application process, please contact

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering has 24 Research Groups. Candidates are asked to check the information provided online about the focus of these Groups and identify which they think would be the best fit to host their Fellowship. Please include this information when you contact to discuss your proposed expression of interest.

Faculty of Science
Faculty of Science contacts
 School Contact

Dr Ian Fisk
+44(0)115 9516037

 Chemistry Professor Mark Searle

+44 (0)115 9513567

 Computer Science Professor Bob John

+44(0)115 9514222

 Mathematical Sciences

(Please note: this year the School of Mathematical
Sciences will only consider applications for the
NRF/AMF schemes in the area of Modelling
and Data Science)

Dr David Hawker

+44(0)115 9514937

 Pharmacy Professor Morgan Alexander

+44(0)115 9515119

 Physics and Astronomy Professor Michael Merrifield

+44(0115) 9515186

 Psychology Dr Neil Roach

+44(0)115 9515286

Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Social Sciences contacts
 School Contact
 Economics Dr Silvia Sonderegger

+44(0)115 8467347

 Education Professor Howard Stevenson

+44(0)115 9514893

 Geography Dr Simon Gosling

+44(0)115 9515437

 Nottingham University Business School Associate Dean (Research)

Professor Justin Waring
+44(0)115 9515117

 Politics and International Relations Professor Jan Meyer-Sahling

+44(0)115 84 67513

 Law Professor Nigel White

+44(0)115 84 68238

Sociology and Social Policy

Professor Reiner Grundmann
+44(0) 115 95 15419

Faculty of Arts

All applications to the Faculty of Arts must be submitted to the Faculty Associate Pro Vice Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Exchange, Professor Maiken Umbach,

Please note that for this Faculty, applications are particularly encouraged for the following research themes:

  • The Public Value of Culture
  • Digital Humanities
  • Arts/Science Connections (which could include, but is by no means limited to, Medical/Health Humanities)

 The final School/Department where the applicant is placed at the end of the fellowship will depend on Faculty requirements

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences contacts
 School Contact
 Health Sciences Professor Avril Drummond

+44(0)115 8230493

 Medicine Dr Cathy Merry

+44 (0)115 82 31159

 Veterinary Medicine and Sciences Professor Jamie Leigh

+44 (0)115 95 16631


Dr Nigel Mongan
+44 (0)115 95 16625

 Life Sciences Professor Victoria Chapman (Interim Head of School)

+44 (0)115 8230136

Divisional contacts:

Division of Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience
Lucy Donaldson 

Division of Cells, Organisms and Molecular Genetics
Sara Goodacre

Division of Infection, Immunity and Microorganisms
Dr Bill Wickstead

Please note:

Clinical Academics are encouraged to apply to the Nottingham Research Fellowships, and there is a recognition that for this staff group there are very specific challenges, namely that career progression is linked to professional accreditation as a Consultant and the co-funding of any post with the NHS Trust. Thus, while the School of Medicine plans to support successful Clinical Fellows strongly at the conclusion of their Fellowships, it is not necessarily able to guarantee a permanent position following the Fellowship.



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