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What makes a good candidate

Our fellowship programme is a highly competitive, prestigious programme.

Before applying for a fellowship, please carefully consider the following questions and information.

  • Are you an independent researcher who is ready to lead?
  • Are they your ideas? Is the project your own?
  • What is novel about your project? Does it ask an important research question? Will answering this question push the boundaries of your research field?
  • What is the potential impact of the project? Both in terms of fundamental science/research and wider impact
  • Are you able to demonstrate that you have the potential to become a research leader in your field?
  • Can you contribute to the University’s Research Vision of delivering research of excellent quality, attract external funding, increase the University’s research reputation, and deliver impact?

What are the characteristics of a successful fellow?

Fellows represent academic disciplines across the University, so it can be difficult to compare performance, but the following points give some indication of what is expected:

  • Candidates who have won external funding or hold an external fellowship will be considered to be particularly strong candidates
  • 34% of our successful applicants held an external fellowship on application
  • Candidates are expected to have an excellent track record for their career stage and discipline
  • 57% of our successful applicants have publications in the top 10% of journals worldwide
  • Our candidates have an average H-index of 9 (source Scival)
  • Our candidates have an average Field Weighted Citation Impact of 2.04 (source Scival)

To find out more about what it takes to be a successful Nottingham Research or Anne McLaren Fellow please visit our current fellows page.

Why is Nottingham the right place for you to do your research?

The University of Nottingham has a long-standing reputation for transformative, world-class research, using pioneering, multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches to deliver sustainable solutions to global challenges.  Candidates should articulate why Nottingham is such a good fit for them. Consider:

  • Our ability to draw experts together from across disciplines, allowing an agile and multi-faceted response to complex and intriguing problems
  • Our international outlook through collaboration and knowledge exchange between our far-reaching international partners, with our campuses in Malaysia and China reflecting our pioneering international outlook
  • Our Beacons of Excellence, who champion our field-leading responses to global challenges which will drive significant inward investment into our internationally renowned research areas  
  • Our Research Priority Areas which encourage collaboration and exploit our strengths in interdisciplinary research, making pro-active response to major research funding initiatives more efficient and easier to deliver
  • Our continuing investment in world-class facilities, infrastructure and digital systems to support research that is exceptional, and help remove the barriers to translating discovery into world-changing impact.

World-class research at the University of Nottingham

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