3MT People's Choice Award

On 30 June 2021 we heard about some of the world-changing research happening at the University of Nottingham, directly from our postgraduate research students! Ten postgraduate researchers from a range of disciplines had just three minutes to present their research in a concise and engaging way as part of the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition.

 Voting for our People's Choice has now closed.  We will announce the winners shortly.


Annalisa Ferrante

KERB: Kinetic energy recovery boost, a solution for lowering harmful emissions in heavy-duty vehicles 

Gonzalo García Luna

Cutting-edge tools for difficult-to-cut materials

Samantha Harrison

Ears to the future: Using brain activity to predict hearing outcomes

Hannah Javanmard-Emamghissi

Frailty: the forgotten foe of treatment decisions in older people undergoing emergency surgery

Rachel Lehner-Mear

Mothers Supporting Primary School Homework

Felix Lewandowski

Finding pearls in the trash - does resilience help us grow from trauma?

Jiahong Liao

British University Chinese Teachers Practice and Beliefs in Teaching Chinese Character

Frederick Lloyd Williams

Henry VI: From Zero to Hero

Vivek Thaminni Ramamoorthy

Comfort should not come at a cost: Optimising sound absorbing materials for lightweight and low-noise aircraft

Mathilde Vialard

Sensation novels and Domestic Minds: Mental Health in Nineteenth-century literature


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