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The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

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The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers sets out
the expectations and responsibilities of researchers, their managers, employers and funders under seven key principles:

A) Recruitment and Selection

B) Recognition and Value


C) Support and Career Development

D) Researchers’ Responsibilities

E) Diversity and Equality

F) Implementation and Review

As a member of Universities UK, one of the key signatories of the Concordat, the University of Nottingham is committed to embedding these seven guiding principles in its policies and practices. This agenda is driven by the University's Research Staff Group (RSG) who hold responsibility for the implementation of the University's Concordat Implementation Action Plan. The RSG members represent research staff from across all five faculties and also include professional service department representatives. 

In recognition of this ongoing commitment to the implementation of the Concordat, the University was awarded the HR Excellence in Research badging by the European Commission in 2011.


Concordat Implementation


The HR Excellence in Research badging recognises the commitment made by the University to the implementation of the principles of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers.

Since the launch of the Concordat in 2008, the University has undertaken an initial gap analysis and benchmarking project against the Concordat principles. The gap analysis was used to develop a university-wide Concordat Implementation Action Plan and a monitoring process to address areas emerging from the benchmarking gap/analysis. Publication of this gap analysis and subsequent action plans enables the University to comply with the reporting requirements for the HR Excellence in Research badging.

On a biennial basis the RSG commissions a review on the progress made against the implementation of the Concordat implementation action plan. The reporting which is presented to Research Committee through the PVC for Research on behalf of the RSG details all progress made to date, the key achievements and the actions with success indicators for the next reporting period.

The past and current reporting documentation and action plans are available below.  


Concordat benchmarking and gap analysis project (December 2010)  

In December 2010, the RSG commissioned an institutional and school-level benchmarking/gap analysis against the Concordat principles drawing on data from:

Following completion of the gap analysis, the University produced a Concordat Action Plan 2011-15 and implemented a monitoring process to address areas emerging from the benchmarking gap/analysis.



The University of Nottingham's Concordat Implementation Action Plan 2011-15 and progress report

Actions identified in the 2011-15 implementation action plan were aligned with the University's Strategic Plan 2010-2015 Research and Knowledge Transfer Strategy.

Original Action Plan for 2011-15 

Review and evaluation of the Action Plan

Two year internal self-assessment review of the 2011-15 action plan (September 2013) and the updated action plan with new and ongoing actions.

A review of the implementation of the Concordat action plan 2011-15 was undertaken in Summer 2015. The following report was compiled as part of the 4 year review process and will be considered as part of the external EU HR Excellence in Research peer review process.



The University of Nottingham's Concordat Implementation Action Plan 2015-20

In addition to the review of progress made against the implementation of the Concordat Action Plan 2011-15. A new implementation plan has been agreed for 2015-20. Actions identified in the 2015-20 plan are aligned with the University's Global Strategy 2020.

To mark the 6th year that the University has held the HR Excellence in Research award, an internal review of progress was undertaken in January 2018. The following report and updated action plan were produced as a result of the process.

The next review of the implementation of the action plan will take place in 2020.



The Research Staff Group (RSG)

The RSG was established in 2007 to provide a forum to discuss issues specifically of relevance to research staff employed within the University under a fixed term contract. The RSG meets three times each academic year and reports to Research Board through the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research. 


Membership of the RSG

  • A-PVC for Graduate School and Research Careers (Chair)
  • Head of Graduate School
  • Director of Professional Development
  • Senior Careers Adviser for Research Staff
  • Senior Research Staff representative (one per faculty)
  • Early Career Research Staff representatives (one per faculty)
  • Researcher Training and Development Manager (secretary)

The current listing of RSG members is available on workspace. The workspace also provides details on how to submit an expression of interest to become a faculty representatives.



RSG remit and terms of reference

The RSG aims to:

  • contribute to the formulation of strategy relating to research-only staff and assist in its implementation
  • ensure that external drivers at a regional and national level are taken into account in the development of strategy
  • monitor the University’s delivery of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers implementation
  • plan and make recommendations to Research Board where appropriate to ensure that its obligations are fulfilled
  • further develop a sense of community amongst research-only staff across the Universities faculties and campuses
  • ensure coherence and maximise the potential of centrally-provided support for research-only staff
  • identify and promote staff development activities which meet the specific needs of research-only staff
  • disseminate best practice relating to research-only staff across the University

The RSG's terms of reference and meeting notes are available on workspace.



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