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Opportunity for early-career researchers

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) opportunity for early career researchers

This opportunity is available to outstanding early-career researchers from anywhere in the world and will offer the lucky recipients a variety of benefits including:

  • a two year affiliation to a Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) research programme
  • CDN$100,00 in research funding support
  • specialised leadership and communications training.

To be eligible, researchers need to hold a PhD (or equivalent degree) and be within the first 5 years of a full-time academic research and teaching post. Applicants must also be able to align their research interests to the specific research programmes covered - see advert below.

The CIFAR team are happy to answer any questions, contact them at or via social media on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Please note the short time frame for applications - 1st April - 2nd May.

Posted on Wednesday 13th April 2016

Research staff

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