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The University has a thriving environment of cross-disciplinary research activity, through:

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Below are details of just one of the University's cross-disciplinary projects. If you are part of a collaborative research project and would like to see yours listed on this page, please contact the Graduate School..

Towards Pervasive Media

This is a new initiative to foster collaborations between the Arts, Humanities, Science and Engineering at Nottingham. The broad topic of Pervasive Media, refers to new media forms in which the public contributes as well as consumes content, is available anytime and anywhere, and is ever more deeply interwoven into our daily lives.

Pervasive media first emerged as a focus for new cross-disciplinary research at Nottingham from a series of informal discussions. With the aid of a pump-priming grant awarded by the University in 2006, this lead to the Pervasive Media Group being established. This research network has since grown to include academics from many disciplines. The group has now secured £200K of pump-priming funding from EPSRC, under the Cross-Disciplinary Feasibility Account programme.

For more information on research themes and collaborators, visit the Centre for Aadvanced Studies (CAS)website.

  • Contact: Lisa McCabe, Bridging Officer for EPSRC Towards Pervasive Media Feasibility Account and Research and Business Development Officer, Humanities and Social Science Research Centre
    - contact Lisa by telephone +44 (0)115 84 68345 or by email

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