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We have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions and divided these into the following categories:


When is pay day?
Pay day is normally the penultimate working day before the end of the month. Dates are available on the Payroll Noticeboard.
How many days annual leave am I entitled to?
Annual leave entitlement varies across the job families/staff groups. Visit the Annual Leave Entitlement by job family page for details.

If you are a part-time worker you will receive a proportion (known as pro-rata) of the annual leave for full-time staff, based on the number of hours you work in a week. Your manager will advise you of your pro-rata annual leave entitlement and there are calculators to help you calculate pro-rata annual leave.
When are bank holidays and other closures?

There are 8 bank holidays during the year. Full-time staff are entitled to all 8 days regardless of service. The entitlement is pro-rated for part-time staff. There are calculators to help you calculate your pro-rata annual leave and bank holiday/closure day entitlement.

On bank holidays, University holidays and closure days, the University closes most of the buildings on the campuses.

Can I work flexi-time?
Initially, discussion needs to take place with your manager to see if you can change your work pattern to a more flexible arrangement. Also please see details of the Flexible Working Policy if the need for a more flexible working pattern is for childcare reasons or if you are responsible for an adult in need of care.
Can I have another job while I work for the University?
Whether you can do this or not will depend on a number of factors. You should refer to your contract of employment in the first instance and discuss your request with your line manager. You may also wish to consult the University's Policy on External Work.
What is my notice period?
You should refer to your contract of employment for details of your notice period. If you cannot locate your contract, you can either visit the the Notice Periods webpage or email HR Shared Services.
My fixed-term contract is due to expire soon. Where can I find information about redeployment?

The University has developed a Redundancy and Redeployment workspace with documents and useful information for staff formally identified as being at risk of redundancy (redeployees) to help secure suitable alternative employment within the University. This includes staff employed on fixed-term contracts which are due to expire.

You may also wish to read the University's Redeployment and Redundancy Policies.

How do I apply for a promotion in the Research & Teaching job family?
Details on the academic promotion route for staff in the Research and Teaching job family is available on the Promotion and re-grading webpage.
Where are the staff vacancies advertised?
Please see the current opportunities for Research and Teaching staff.
Am I entitled to maternity/parental leave and pay?

Maternity and parental leave and pay will depend on a number of factors. Please see the University's Maternity Leave Policy and Parental Support Policy, and the Adoption Leave policy. You may also wish to contact the Human Resources Assistant for your area who will be able to discuss your entitlement to leave and pay.

I’m being harassed or bullied at work. What can I do?
The University is committed to preventing harassment and bullying in the workplace. If you feel you are being harassed or bullied by another member of staff or your manager you should initially try and talk to the person concerned. If this doesn’t make any difference, or you don’t feel you can speak to that person, then talk to your line manager, if appropriate, or someone else in your team, school or department.

If neither of these help then please contact a Dignity Adviser.

For more information see the Policy of Dignity within the University.
I am suffering work-related stress. What support can I get?
There are a number of support mechanisms in place: we have a confidential Counselling Service and an occupational health unit for any member of staff to seek advice (please talk to your Human Resources Assistant about this). This is supported by the Policy for Psychological Wellbeing and the Avoidance and Management of Stress.
Who's my contact in Human Resources (HR)?
Each school and department is supported by several members of the HR team, including a dedicated HR Adviser.

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Research and funding

What is the Concordat?
The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers sets out the expectations and responsibilities of researchers, their managers, employers and funders. See the University's Concordat page.
What is the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and how does it affect research staff?
The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is the new process for assessing research in UK Higher Education institutions. It will be completed in 2014 and replaces the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE).
Where can I find information about Intellectual Property (IP)?

The University has produced a Guide to Intellectual Property Management and Commercialisation.

Additional questions can be directed to the Technology Transfer team within Research Innovation Services.

What funding opportunities are available for research staff?
Visit our funding page for more information on funding available to research staff.
What's a 'Research Passport' and do I need one?

Developed by NHS Research and Development and UK Clinical Research Collaboration, Research Passports streamline the engagement process for university researchers conducting research in the NHS. If you might need a letter of access or an honorary contract with a trust to carry out your research, you should be looking into the Research Passport.

Research Passport guidance  


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Other support

How do I contact IT support?

IT problems, requests and queries should be reported to the IT Service Desk:

How do I book onto training courses?
Initially you may wish to discuss your training needs with your line manager. You can then find and register for training courses through our Training and development web pages.
I would like to use the University logo in my Powerpoint presentation. Where can I find the University’s branding guidelines?
There are PowerPoint templates for University use. If you want to learn more about the University identity (logo, colours, typefaces, etc.), consult the brand guidelines.
Who do I contact regarding disability issues?
Each school appoints a Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) to offer advice and guidance to members of staff and students about disability issues and support. The DLOs are part of a network that meets regularly to share information and good practice. DLOs liaise with the Disability Policy Advisory Unit and Academic Support, as necessary, in relation to individual cases and general policies and procedures.

If you need to contact your DLO, see the Disability Policy Advisory Unit's list of DLOs.
Where can I find details on safety?
Information on safety can be found on our Practical support page.
How do I book a room?
Information on booking a room can be found on our Practical support page.
How do I find a member of staff?
To find a member of University staff's telephone number or email address, visit the Staff Look-Up page.

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New research staff

How do I obtain my University Card?
As a new member of staff you are entitled to apply for a 'University Card', which will enable you to access University Card controlled buildings and locations (subject to the access rights of your school or faculty). It will also allow you to borrow books from any of the University libraries. To obtain your Card, follow the online instructions.
What is my employee number and how do I get one?
Your employee number is stated on the top line of your payslip and is called 'Payroll Ref'. If you have just started employment and don’t have a payslip yet, please email HR Shared Services who will be able to confirm your number with you.
When is the next staff welcome event?

The University runs the Welcome Event for New Staff three times per year. Invitations are sent out to all new staff. For more information or to book a place, visit the New staff induction workspace. In addition, the Graduate School run the Research staff induction.

What is on offer at the Graduate School for research staff?

Initially created to support postgraduate research students, the Graduate School has since evolved and now also supports early career researchers, offering:

Where can I find information about pension schemes?

Details on pension schemes are on the Finance Department's Pensions Noticeboard. If you have a specific enquiry regarding your pension, please contact Payroll & Pensions on 0115 9515648.

I would like to join a Union. Where can I find information about this?

The University works in partnership with the following trade unions – click on the links below to find out more:

How do I obtain a parking permit?
You should apply through the Estates Office.
How do I register with a doctor or dentist?
On University Park campus we have Cripps Health Centre, which specialises in looking after the healthcare of students and staff of the University and their families. For more information, including how to register and book appointments, please see the Health Centre's registration web page.
Is there a childcare facility on campus?
Information on childcare can be found on our Practical support page.
Is there a sports centre on campus?
There are sports facilities at University Park, Jubilee Campus, Sutton Bonington Campus and King's Meadow Campus. For more information, visit the Department of Sport web pages.
Are there any prayer facilities on campus?
The University offers a number of rooms for prayer and religious observance.
What facilities does each library have?
For a guide as to what facilities the University's libraries have, see the information on our Practical support page.
Do you have a map of the University?
You can find maps of the University campuses on our Maps and Directions web pages.
Is there a bus service between the campuses?
There are hopper buses which are free to University staff and students and which regularly run between University Park, Jubilee Campus, King's Meadow Campus and Sutton Bonington Campus. Please see the Hopper Bus services web pages for the timetables.
Does the University offer staff training?
There are a number of training opportunities on offer at the University - see our Training and development web pages for more information.
Where should I go for careers advice?

Research Staff have access to services from the Careers and Employability Service to support them in exploring and managing their careers, whether in or outside academia.

The Careers Adviser for research staff/postgraduate research students is Clare Jones who is based at the Careers and Employability Service (D Floor of the Portland Building Extension). Clare also works with the Graduate School and Graduate Centres. Visit our Careers page for further information.

Where can I find information about The University's management structure?
The University is governed by two main bodies: Council and Senate. At the head of the University are the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor. For more information, visit the web pages on University structure.
Does the University have connections with industry?
The University has numerous connections with industry - see our Services for Business web page for more information.

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Have you visited our page for New research staff?


Thinking about working at Nottingham?

What are Nottingham’s research strengths?
The University of Nottingham is a world class research-led institution. For research power, we are ranked in the Top 7 of all British universities and are one of only two institutions to move into the UK Top 10 since 2001 - an increase of seven places, making us the highest mover of any university. Following the RAE results, 90% of all research at Nottingham has been classified of an 'international standard' and 60% as 'world-leading' or 'internationally excellent'. For more details on the standard of research across the University, visit our Research Excellence pages or download our PDF brochure: Nottingham: International Research Leader - RAE 2008.
What is the ranking of the University of Nottingham?
Details about the ranking of the University of Nottingham can be found on our league tables page.
Can I visit the University?

We operate an 'open campus' policy, which means you can visit the University at any time. However, we would recommend that you take a look at the useful dates and campus information before your visit.

The University has produced a handy downloadable Self-Guided Tour Booklet or you can pick up a printed version from the Trent Building reception.

What’s it like to live in Nottingham?
For a taste of what Nottingham has to offer, see the Nottingham Life web pages.
Where can international staff find out more information about working and living in the UK?
If you are moving to Nottingham from overseas you will find useful information about working and living in the UK on the International Staff web pages.
Does the University have an overseas campus?

We have two overseas campuses:

  • University of Nottingham Malaysia first opened in 2000 in Kuala Lumpur and moved to a purpose built campus at Semenyih (near Kuala Lumpur) in 2005, where it was formally opened on 26 September 2005
  • Nottingham was the first university to establish a foreign campus in China. The state-of-the-art Ningbo Campus opened to students in 2005 and was officially opened on 23 February 2006.
What can the University do for disabled staff?
The University aims to ensure that disabled staff are given the support they need in order to fulfil their role within the University, which includes a Disabled Staff Network. Should you have any concerns or special requirements you should contact your Human Resources Adviser or Assistant for advice. We work to provide any equipment and services that may be required to help disabled staff in the workplace please see our Disability Equality Scheme to find out more. You may also wish to download the access maps to University Park, Jubilee Campus and Sutton Bonington Campus.

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