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Welcome to The University of Nottingham! 

We hope that your time here will be both productive and enjoyable. As well as the support information and links provided on this site, induction opportunities are available to help you settle in more quickly - see the below induction section for details.

On or before your first day at work:

1. Return the following forms to the Payroll Office, King’s Meadow Campus:

  • Payroll Information for New Employees
  • Staff Record form
  • P45/P46 tax form

2. Apply for your University Card - you may need this to access your place of work.
3. Apply for your car parking permit, if you require one.




Induction at the University of Nottingham takes place on three levels: University, School/Departmental and Personal. As part of the University induction, the Graduate School have developed a half-day induction for research staff (see section below).

Research staff induction

The aim of this session is to help new and relatively new research staff understand and integrate into the wider research culture of the University. It will also introduce you to the range of research professional and personal development available to researchers and provide an opportunity to network with colleagues and to meet key university staff involved in supporting researchers.

The session will provide:

  • a summary of the research culture and environment at the University of Nottingham
  • an overview of current national and university research strategies and policies and their relevance to your role and responsibilities as a member of research staff
  • an introduction to the professional services and personal development opportunities available to researchers at the University of Nottingham
  • an opportunity to meet other new and more established research staff, share experiences and join faculty and inter-disciplinary researcher networks

Please check Central Short Courses to find out more about the research staff induction sessions.

To learn more about the University induction process, visit Professional Development's Induction pages. If you are an international staff member, there is a dedicated website for you.


Research Staff Conference

The Graduate School hosts an Annual Research Staff Development Conference.  The 2014 theme was "Making the next step: Influence, Engage and Inspire Impact".  Visit the Conference pages to find out more.


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