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Health and Safety Team

The Health and Safety Department is part of the directorate of Governance and Assurance and is managed by the Director of Health and Safety, Neil Hawthorne.

He is supported by:

Contact details for the above.

About the Health & Safety Department

The level of service which the Health and Safety Department aims to provide is described in the various sections below: 


The function of the University Health and Safety Department is to advise in developing safety policies or procedures and to monitor the implementation of health and safety policies. The responsibilities of the  Department include all aspects of health and safety, including work with ionising radiation and fire precautions. It also has responsibility for ensuring that effective procedures are in place for the correct disposal of hazardous wastes.

The Health and Safety Team generally communicate with Business Units (Facutlies/Schools/Departments) through the Health and Safety Coordinator and seeks to provide support and advice in relation to local health and safety matters. Contact also occurs directly with other members of a Business Unit's staff although the Health and Safety Coordinator would normally be aware of this.

The Health and Safety Department also monitors the University's requirements for the use and disposal of radioactive substances which are subject to various licences from the Environment Agency. The Heath and Safety Department is also the primary contact point with the Health & Safety Executive, The Environment Agency and the Fire Service.

Services offered by the Health and Safety Department

The Health and Safety Department is committed to providing a high quality support service to enable the work of the University to be carried out safely and effectively whilst also enabling the demonstration of statutory compliance.

The minimum service levels which the Health and Safety Department aims to provide are as follows. There are also some actions which will assist us in meeting these:

    • Enquiries
    • Telephone and email enquiries will be answered within two working days
    • Written enquiries will be answered within 1 week from receipt
    • Where complex issues are involved you will be informed of the action we are taking and given an indication when we will be able to provide a complete answer

Requests for Visits

A request for a visit will be dealt with within 2 working days and the visit will be paid within 2 weeks. Requests can be submitted directly to a member of the Safety Office team, such as your usual contact, or to the general enquries address:


Provision of Information

The Health and Safety Department will maintain electronic mailing lists by various relevant groupings to assist in targeting information:

    • Information on policies and guidance will be published on the Health and Safety Department website and Business Units notified by email
    • Any guidance containing model documents will be available in electronic format
    • On-going training courses provided and/or organised by the Health and Safety Department will be listed on the Health and Safety Web page
    • New training courses will be advertised by email distributions and posted to the Web page at least 6 weeks prior to the date of the course

Environmental Monitoring

The Health and Safety Department can carry out a limited range of environmental monitoring, including:

    • Temperature and humidity
    • Light levels, i.e. illumination
    • Noise - environmental and personal noise dosimetry
    • Radiation
    • Carbon dioxide
    • Ultra-violet radiation
    • Formaldehyde

For other environmental monitoring such as hazardous substances levels, dust monitoring, air quality, the Department can signpost to external companies that offer these services.

Any requests for monitoring will be responded within 2 working days. Requests will be prioritised and a mutually acceptable date for the exercise agreed.

Radiation Protection

    • Requests for approval of new radiation projects will be replied to within 5 working days of receipt of the proposal form
    • New radiation dose badges will be issued shortly prior to the start of the new monitoring period
    • Request for personal radiation dose information will be responded to within 1 working day
    • All radiation monitors sent to the H&S Department for annual calibrations will be turned around within 2 weeks of their receipt

What you can do to help us

So that we can maintain and improve the quality of our service to you there are a few things which will help us:

    • Please contact the Health and Safety Department at an early stage about any potential problems so that we can give you the advice you need within good time. We may not always be able to respond to complex issues at short notice
    • Please inform us if you think you are receiving unnecessary information or alternatively if you are missing out. We may be able to amend our mailing lists
    • Please keep us informed of any changes or proposed changes in Safety Ciritical Roles, particularly the appointed Health and Safety Coordinator. Notification must be done formally in line with the process detailed at this link (URL awaited).
    • Please ensure that accidents and incidents are reported promptly via the on-line system, especially serious ones which will require notification to the HSE. Also, please check that the report and investigation forms are properly completed. This will save our time and yours in chasing this information up
    • Please ensure that the forms for registering new radiation projects or users and new lasers and users are returned in good time before you want the work to commence
    • Please keep us updated of any changes which will be needed to the floor plans showing the location of specified hazards i.e. radiation, biohazards, lasers, compressed gases and chemical stores
    • Please contact us at an early stage in relation to proposals which may entail significant changes in the work or workplace, e.g. major refurbishment/remodelling of the premises or the introduction of processes or equipment which involve hazards which are new to the Business Unit.

Feedback and Complaints

We are very happy to receive feedback on any of the services that we provide. This helps us to improve them, as well as confirming what we are doing well. In addition the University also has a complaints procedure, details of which can be found in the Quality Manual.


Health and Safety Department

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