Health and Safety

Leadership in Health and Safety - Introduction

Why lead safely?

The University of Nottingham Global Strategy 2020 sets out a vision for the future.  Part of that vision is being committed to excellence, enterprise and social responsibility.  As leaders at the University it is essential that you align your school or professional department to this vision and an essential part of that is ensuring the health and safety of all of those effected by your activities.

A leader’s style of leadership and visible demonstration of their commitment to safety through actions is important in shaping the school or professional services culture.  A long term focus, commitment and a willingness to walk the walk is essential to leading safely.

Leadership drives culture which in turn drives behaviour. Safety Culture can be defined as the way things get done round here.

This webpage is essential reading for those who the University deems responsible for leading health and safety. Please see below a number of resources to assist:

Leading Safety - Overview of Expectations

 Leading Indicators - How to make a positive impact

Other Leadership Resources


Corporate Manslaughter Podcast

A 10-minute Podcast on the Legal Services webpage provides an overview of how the Corporate Manslaughter Regulations could apply at the University.

The offence of Corporate Manslaughter has been introduced for the most serious situations involving a fatality where the safety management system, or culture (i.e. custom and practice or "the way things are done around here"), falls far short of expected standards. The attitudes and actions of those in positions to direct or control workplace standards and activities would be scrutinised. Relevant factors include:

    • attitudes, policies, systems or accepted practices that were likely to have encouraged any unsafe practices or to have produced tolerance of it.
    • the collective behaviour of senior management and evidence of broader attitudes towards safety within the organisation and its culture.


Presentations on Leading and Managing Health and Safety

The above Podcast is supported by information for managers and principal investigators in managing health and safety.

The University policies and guidance are aimed at directing and assisting you to manage the risks in your area to an appropriate standard and thereby avoid situations that could result in enforcement activity of which corporate manslaughter is at one extreme. The presentations aim to assist managers in proactively leading on health and safety. See the downloads under Related Links adjacent.




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