Health and Safety

Introduction to Effective Safety Management

A proactive approach to health and safety management is imperative for legal, financial, and moral reasons. The primary legal requirements arise out of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992. These are supplemented by many codes of specific regulations, often related to a particular hazard or activity. The University of Nottingham sets its own policies and standards to comply with the legislative requirements and to promote best practice.

UoN Health and Safety Management - Key Documents

Heads of Faculty/School/Professional Service Units are responsible for implementing a suitable safety management system. The University follows the Plan Do Check Act Approach to effective safety management, supported by the HSE's HS(G)65 and USHA's Code of Practice.

By following the four steps of Planning, Doing, Checking and Action (see below), Senior Managers can demonstrate they have a proactive safety management strategy in place

Record your Safety Management details on this template.


This step covers:

  • Having a formal Safety Policy
  • Appointing appropriate safety roles and setting up consultation and communication routes
  • Developing a Safety Plan for the Unit
    Check the detail for each of the above



This step covers:

  • Implementing the School Safety Plan
  • Ensuring risk assessments and safe operating procedures are produced and findings implemented
  • Having a Training Plan

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This step covers:

  • Proactive monitoring (inspections and audits)
  • Reactive monitoring(incident investigations and reviews)

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This step covers:

  • Reviewing your policy, arrangements and school safety plan
  • Acting on the lessons learnt from the above.

This feeds into future policy updates and the next Safety Plan.

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