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 University Safety Policy
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Safety Policy

The University's Safety Policy, with supporting organisational detail and safety arrangements, is given in the Safety Handbook. This is reviewed on an annual basis and is approved by the Registrar. The electronic version is available to all and hard copies are available from the Safety Office for those who do not have access to a computer.

Leading and Managing Health and Safety

Effective and engaged leadership that addresses health and safety management is crucial in developing and maintaining good standards that enable innovative work to be undertaken safely and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Safety Management Standards

The University's safety management standards are described in detail in "Effective Safety Management". It defines the performance standards for safety management, against which audits are carried out by the Safety Office. 

The Head of every work area has the responsibility for ensuring that hazards associated with the area's activities are identified, evaluated and suitable arrangements are in place to control the risks.

The University expects each School/Department/etc. to have:

      • A safety policy
      • Effective organisation for implementing the standards within the safety policy
      • An effective risk assessment process resulting in suitable control measures being implemented
      • Regular monitoring and review of safety standards

The Head of each School/Department/etc. should appoint a local Safety Officer to assist him/her in carrying out his/her safety responsibilities (see Safety Roles below). 

Those responsible for managing the work of others or for the operation of a facility are responsible for the safe conduct of that activity. In general this involves ensuring that local arrangements for compliance with the University safety policy are implemented thereby assisting the Head of School or Professional Service in the discharge of his/her overall responsibilities. All members of the University are responsible for diligently carrying out their work in accordance with the correct procedure and any relevant training.


Annual Safety Report

Each year (Aug/Sep time) the Safety Office requests all Schools and Departments to complete the Annual Safety Report MSExcelcon, recording their compliance with the key safety management standards. This form must be signed off by the Head of School/Department.

Safety Roles within Schools/Departments

The key safety-related roles in the University are:

Details on the model duties associated with these roles is given within Effective Safety Management. The Safety Office runs regular updates for SSOs. Information from these updates can be found via the Safety Office Workspace.

Safety Committees

The University Safety Committee concerns itself with the safety of all members of the University, staff and students alike, and those who are not in the University employment such as visitors, and seeks to ensure that they are not exposed to risks to their health and safety while at the University. Membership of the Committee includes senior representatives of University and Faculty management, Safety Representatives appointed by the Trade Unions and Students' Union representatives. The International campuses are also represented.

From June 2014 the Safety Committee was expanded to incorporate the previously separate Statutory Safety Committee that had been established at the request of Trade Union Safety Representatives under the provision of the Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974 and its relevant Statutory Instruments of 1977 for consultation with employee representatives and to secure co-operation and co-ordination of safety matters.

Minutes of Safety Committee and Statutory Safety Committee Minutes are available to staff on Workspace. Alternatively please contact the Safety Office, email

Many sections of the University have set up local safety committees to advise the Head of School or Department on safety and to give an opportunity for regular review of safety performance. The local SSO can advise on School or Departmental consulation processes. Further information is available in Effective Safety Management.


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