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Health and Safety Training - Courses Available, Induction and Job Specific Training

 Courses Provided

The Health and Safety Team provide and/or organise a range of training courses to support University health and safety policies (see list below). The courses are generally aimed at University staff and Postgraduate Research Students.

Internal Courses

Many courses are delivered by members of the Health and Safety Team and generally cover topics that have a broad application across the University or support those with safety critical roles such as Health and Safety Coordinators. 

External Courses

External training providers are used for particular skills such as handling of gas cylinders, ladders and evacuation chairs and tend to be run according to demand. A charge is usually made to cover the cost of the training provider.

 Booking Onto Courses 

The core training courses are listed for booking on the Central Short Courses section of the Professional Development website. 

Many of the courses may be arranged for individual Business Units as long as sufficient numbers are available to attend (8 people is usually the minimum) and that employee numbers are supplied prior to the commencement of the course. The core programme of courses includes those listed below.



Health and Safety Induction Training 

All Business Units are expected to provide an induction that includes relevant health and safety arrangements and is pertinent to the role of the individual.

At the most basic level, all staff and research students should be given local information on:

  • Fire Safety and Emergency Procedures
  • First Aid and Reporting Incidents
  • General health and safety arrangements
  • Welfare facilities
  • DSE Safety
  • Late/Out of hours/Lone working

The provision of induction must be recorded by the Management Unit, please see training record template.

There is also a validation quiz that may be used to check that information has been taken in.


 Job Specific Trainnig


The University must ensure appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision is in place to enable all staff and students to be competent workers.

Training is likely to encompass one or more of the following, dependent on the nature of the individual's work/study:

  • University level
  • Faculty/School/Dept and Building Induction
  • Specific Workplace induction in high risk areas such as labs and workshops
  • Job Specific Training in high risk areas such as labs and workshops

In particular, the latter two are important for new research students as they become more independent workers. Validation and recording of training is also crucial. 

Please refer to the  guidance on Health and Safety Training and Supervison which details the University's expectations in this area.


Course List (alphabetical):

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