Pathways to Law FAQs

Pathways to Law FAQs

Pathways to Law is a programme aimed at Year 12 and 13 students who are interested in a legal career. The programme includes a range of masterclasses and information, advice and guidance sessions to support and inform our students. Here are some frequently asked questions about Pathways to Law: 


What activities will I do as part of the programme?

During your time on the Pathways to Law programme you will build up vital experience by:

  • gaining an insight into aspects of the legal profession through interactive masterclasses and workshop sessions
  • undertaking a work placement to gain a professional insight into courts, law firms or chambers
  • participating in 'networking' events where you will learn key techniques to develop your connections with individuals within the legal sector
  • working both individually and within a team to deliver presentations, develop performance skills and enhance your public speaking ability
  • using the support and advice of a current undergraduate e-mentor who will be there to offer guidance throughout Year 13 and the UCAS process
  • attending the National Conference where you have a first-hand experience of university life, while enhancing skills needed to progress onto a law degree and into the legal profession

Do I get to take part in a residential?

At the end of the first year, you will be invited to take part in a four-day National Conference which takes place at the University of Warwick in the Summer. This will give you an opportunity to further develop skills, meet new friends from around the country, listen to inspiring speakers and experience university life by staying in a hall of residence and taking part in social activities as part of the evening schedule. This residential is fully funded with no costs to the participants.


Can I join both the Pathways to Law and Ambition Nottingham programme?

If you are offered a place on an outreach programme, it will only be on ONE of the above programmes. If you apply for Pathways to Law (November deadline), but are not successful in securing a place, you will then have the opportunity to apply to the Ambition Nottingham programme (December deadline) for consideration, so you won’t miss out on any opportunities.


What if I don’t meet all of the entry criteria?

We will select the most eligible applicants for the programme once the application deadline has passed. All applications will be considered equally and places will be allocated to those who meet the most aspects of the academic and widening participation criteria. So if you don’t meet all of the criteria, it is still worth applying for a place on the programme so we can consider your application and the criteria you do meet as part of the selection process.


Where and when will work experience take place?

You will be asked to apply for a work experience placement within a couple of months of starting the programme. This will allow you to select either the February half-term or specific dates during the Easter or Summer holidays for your placement to take place. We will also ask for your preference in terms of a court-based, solicitor-based or online placement. Although we cannot guarantee to meet the placement preference of all students, we have been successful in meeting requests of the majority of participants in previous years.


Will being part of the programme help me gain a place at university?

Pathways to Law students receiving an offer from Law at Nottingham are guaranteed that the offer will be one grade lower than the standard offer – the offer for LLB Law would be AAB for example, rather than AAA. There may be further flexibility depending on LNAT performance and other factors. Applicants should note in the personal statement that they are Pathways students. This arrangement applies to students on Pathways to Law programmes at all participating universities.

For more information, please see

Students on the Nottingham Programme who attend eight sessions as part of the Pathways to Law Programme will be entitled to a Nottingham Potential Bursary worth £1,000 a year for each year of undergraduate study, if they enrol at the University of Nottingham.

There are 12 universities who are part of the Pathways to Law programme and many also make preferential offers to students on the Pathways to Law programme throughout the country.


Will I miss time from school?

As part of the application process, we ask for a teacher verification to support your place on the programme. While we are very conscious of students missing school time, it is not possible to run all of the events outside of term time, as we would not have the academic staff available to support holiday/weekend events. During the programme in Year 12, we estimate that there are four days that would impact on school time. There are three dates In Year 13, but no events, that impact school time after Christmas of Year 13, in order to enable you to focus on revision.

It is very important that you share the details of the programme dates with your tutor/head of 6th form as soon as these are available and negotiate the time off of school with relevant staff. It is your responsibility to catch up on work missed.  

What if I decide that I don’t want to study law after I’ve started the programme?

Over 90% of the students on the Pathways to Law programme progress to higher education and approximately half of them go onto study a law degree. We support the students on the programme throughout the two years, regardless of the degree course and future career plans that develop during the course. The aim of the programme is to support students to make an informed decision about higher education and their choice of degree wherever or whatever that may be!

Participants who decide not to study law remain engaged with the programme, as they realise that they are developing a wide range of skills that will support them whatever they decide to pursue.


Does it cost anything to join the programme?

The Pathways to Law programme is fully funded by the Sutton Trust and the Legal Education Foundation. There is no cost to join the programme or attend any of the sessions. All travel costs to sessions and work placements will also be reimbursed.