Psychology Sleuths

Psychology Sleuths

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Help your class develop an understanding of Psychology through exploring how our minds work and what causes us to think and behave in the ways we do.

Working with undergraduate students, you will enable your class to explore the senses and how they communicate with the brain. Children will see interactive demonstrations and learn through practical games and experiments.

In partnership with the School of Psychology


Is it for you?

  • Suitable for Years 5 and 6
  • Weekly 60 minute sessions
  • Delivered for five consecutive weeks
  • Wednesday afternoons only
  • School staff must be present to supervise children in all sessions.

Curriculum links


  • Working scientifically
  • Animals, including humans

Example Topics

  • Illusions - how do we make sense of what we see, and can our brain be fooled?  
  • Emotions - what is happening in our brain and body
  • Learning – how do we learn different types of behaviour, and can we change how people behave? 

Further information

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