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Mathematics of a heartbeat

Research into improving the treatment of heart disease and stroke.

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Tomato source

Tomato source

A study into the genomes of tomatoes to help produce them more quickly and efficiently.

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More school research

You can find out more about the research taking place within our individual schools on their websites.

Academic staff research interests

For individual academic research interests, please see the 'People' section of our individual school websites.

Plant sciences

Science and industry join forces to deliver better crops

Plant scientists at the University boost efforts to ensure future food security.

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Dwarf galaxy

Astronomers unlock secrets of dwarf galaxy cannibalism

A breakthrough in understanding the process of how small galaxies grow into large ones.

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New tool for brain research

Unlocking one of the mysteries of the human brain to allow more accurate brain exploration.

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tissue diagnosis

Speeding up cancer diagnosis during surgery

Research into the ‘spectroscopic fingerprint’ of tissue layers removed during surgery. 

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Sniffed out - the 'gas detectors' of the plant world

The elusive trigger that allows plants to 'see' nitric oxide has been tracked down.

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digital provenance 

How digital provenance affects decision-making

New game uncovers players' perceptions of provenance and how it affects decision-making.

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