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The Social Sciences Scholarships recognise students who have encountered and overcome barriers to their educational journey and offers financial support of £4,500 across their course.

Please read these guidance notes before completing the online application form.

If you need these notes and the application form in an alternative format (eg Braille, large font), please call Financial Support on +44 (0)115 823 2071 or email us at bursaries@nottingham.ac.uk

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Scholarship information 

Social Sciences Scholarship Awards are available for Social Sciences degree students entering the University in September 2021 (please see below for further details of the eligibility criteria). The Social Sciences Scholarships recognise students who have encountered and overcome barriers to their educational journey and offers financial support of £4,500 across their course.  

This is the first year in which the Social Sciences Scholarships are being made available and this is thanks to the generosity of Nottingham alumni and friends of the faculty. The Social Sciences Scholarships are intended to assist students with their essential living costs whilst studying. They are not intended to be used towards tuition fees. 

Please note: 

  • You may also be eligible for a Nottingham Potential Bursary
  • If you apply for, and are awarded, a Social Sciences Scholarship, you will not be eligible for the Nottingham Potential Bursary
  • If you are unsure how to evidence your circumstances, please feel free to call us to discuss this in confidence

Who is eligible for this scheme? 

In order to be eligible for the Social Sciences Scholarships, you must: 

  • apply through UCAS for entry in September 2021 to the first year of a Social Sciences undergraduate degree at the University of Nottingham (UK Campus)
  • be undertaking your first undergraduate degree
  • be assigned a Home fee status
  • have a 2019/20 household income of between £0-£42,875, as assessed by Student Finance
  • not be receiving external sponsorship for your course, eg from industry/employers (University Core Bursaries and Government grants do not affect your eligibility)
  • apply by the closing date of Friday 19 March 2021

Any offer and award of a Social Sciences Scholarship is conditional on you meeting all of the criteria set out above. If it becomes apparent after offer or award of a Social Sciences Scholarship that you do not in fact meet one or more of the criteria set out above, then the offer or award will be withdrawn and you will be required to repay to the University any monies you may have received through the Social Sciences Scholarship. 

What should be included in your Supporting Statement? 

An assessment panel consisting of professional services and academic staff will consider your application. When making its decision, the panel will take into consideration the following:  

  • Has the applicant identified and articulated how the Social Sciences Scholarship will support their academic studies, enhance their University experience and help them to achieve their future ambitions or career goals? Think about what you might need for your course, what other opportunities are on offer at the University that you would like to get involved in and what your ambitions are for the future. Applicants should have a strong commitment to broader personal and professional development.
  • Has the applicant clearly shown their commitment to personal development by taking part in activities outside of studying.
  • Has the applicant overcome barriers on their educational journey, (including but not limited to): 
    • Being from a low socio-economic background (a neighbourhood where attending university is not usual) 
    • Having a long term medical/health condition or a disability; and/or 
    • Disruption in the home environment, including but not limited to care leavers, caring responsibilities and estrangement

Frequently asked questions

What is a Home student (Question 11)?

Your student finance company (ie Student Finance England, Wales, Northern Ireland or the SAAS) will decide your residency status. To be classed as a ‘Home’ student you must have been ordinarily resident in the UK for the three-year period prior to the start of your course. Students granted refugee status and European migrant workers may also be eligible. If you are unsure of your status contact the Student Finance Company for further information.

What is Household Income (Question 14)?

The 'Household Income' figure used by the University to award eligibility is the figure calculated by Student Finance when you apply for your Government support funding (student loans and grants). It is the gross income of all those in your household (eg your parent/s and/or your partner) during the tax year prior to your entrance to University. This is before tax and national insurance deductions but minus a few allowable deductions. More information is available from Government Student Finance.

Your household income information will be shared with us by Student Finance so that we can assess your eligibility for scholarships and bursaries. If you do not want to give consent for your household income information to be shared with us, you should read the Privacy Notice in the accompanying notes to your Student Finance application and contact Student Finance to opt out. If you opt out of data sharing with Student Finance your financial information will not be shared with us and you will not be eligible for this Social Sciences Scholarship or for any other relevant University awards.

As the deadline to apply for the Social Sciences Scholarship is before the start of your course at Nottingham, you will need to declare your household income for the period April 19 - March 2020. This figure will be checked against the one supplied by Student Finance at the time of your registration at the University. This is to ensure that it is a similar figure to the one you have declared and that it doesn't exceed the £42,875 eligibility threshold. If you are offered a Social Sciences Scholarship, this offer will be conditional on you meeting.

How will any award be paid?

If successful, your total award of £4,500 will be split equally over the three year duration of your Social Sciences course (£1,500 per year). Registered students will receive payment in three termly instalments each academic year, starting October 2021.

When is the closing date and when will I know if I’ve been awarded a Social Sciences Scholarship?

The closing date for submitting this form is Friday 19 March 2021.

Applications will be considered after the closing date and all applicants will be emailed the outcome of their application within four weeks of the closing date. If you wish to be notified by a method other than email, please indicate this on your application (Question 6).

Successful candidates will receive a provisional notice of an award on the condition that they:

  • receive an offer to study for a Social Sciences degree course at the University
  • meet the conditions of that offer
  • register on the course in September 2021; and
  • at the time they register, they still meet the eligibility criteria and the household income figure provided by Student Finance is between £0 and £42,875

The University of Nottingham's safeguarding responsibilities

We have a responsibility to comply with legislation regarding the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults and will consult with local relevant bodies if we feel that the welfare of an individual is at risk. The information provided in this application will be treated confidentially, but in making an application you accept that you understand the University’s policy on safeguarding.

Please read the University’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy for more information.


If you wish for feedback on the outcome of your application, you should initially contact us for a further discussion:

If you have any questions about completing this application form or want more information about any area of student support funding then please contact us. We can provide information and advice on all aspects of student finance including Government and University student support funds:

How to appeal

If after an explanation of the assessment, you believe there has been an error or a procedural inconsistency and you wish to appeal, please email John Hudson, Funding Manager and copy in financialsupport@nottingham.ac.uk

Appeals must be lodged within two weeks of the date of the email notifying you of the initial outcome.

You will be contacted within seven working days of receipt of the appeal, with confirmation of the outcome of the appeal. Please note that the Funding and Financial Support Management’s decision is final.

Find out more about the Funding and Financial Support appeal process. This can be requested from the team at any point and this does not affect your right to raise an official complaint.

Once you have registered at The University of Nottingham, all correspondence will be through your University email account.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Nottingham is committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for our student and staff community. For more information please see our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion webpages.

If you have any questions about your application in relation to EDI issues then please contact the Funding and Financial Support team.

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Scholarship Terms and Conditions

  1. Students applying through UCAS must have chosen University of Nottingham as their firm choice to be eligible. (Not apply through clearing or as an insurance choice).
  2. Scholarships are payable only to students who are self-funded and do not have their tuition fees paid by an external body or organisation. The student must declare this at admission stage.
  3. The scholarships are for full-time students only.
  4. Scholarships can be awarded in addition to other scholarships or bursaries as long as the tuition fees do not become fully funded as a result of these awards. (Apart from students entering through a partnership agreement – the partnership discount only will be applied).
  5. Scholarships are usually paid after the student has registered for the course.
  6. If students in receipt of bursaries or scholarships leave within the first year, the student will be requested to pay back the scholarship.
  7. Scholarships cannot be retrospectively paid once the deadline for claiming has passed.
  8. For progression scholarships, grades need to be achieved in first sit exams, not resits. If any resits occur the student is deemed to be no longer eligible for the scholarship. (Extenuating circumstances don't apply).
  9. Students who have a break from their studies for placements or year in industry will receive the scholarship if eligible when they return to their studies.

Due to differences in how tuition fees are paid, international students will receive scholarships as tuition fee discounts and home/EU students will receive a cash bursary.


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