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Social Impact Game:

How to create a social impact and find fulfilment in your work

This Nottingham Advantage Award module, co-created with consultants Learning without Borders, gives practical experience in making a social impact, and most importantly hits home why social impact matters to us throughout our working lives.

Nottingham students told us their fears about being in the wrong job and:

  • not knowing how to stand out
  • feeling stuck because of their limited experience
  • not even knowing what they really want

The Social Impact Game offers practical experience for handling these fears. Students in a team project can have a go at:

  • making confident choices
  • real work experience
  • knowing how to stand out
  • making a social impact

The Social Impact Game wants students, employers and Nottingham alumni as team players, project providers and advisors. You'll be crucial team players for making social impact come alive in our Nottingham community.

Find out how to play the Social Impact Game:


The team

Gabriel Flores

Gabriel Flores

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