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Afshin Zilanawala

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences



Afshin Zilanawala is an assistant professor and joined the school in 2021. As a family and social demographer, her research investigates how the social and economic context of families, as well as the race and gender of individuals, lead to inequalities across childhood and adolescence. She is interested in features of the proximate family setting, such as parental employment, mental health, and economic hardship, which are implicated in the production of inequalities in children's development. Her research also considers the role of country policy context on families' social and economic resources by investigating children's wellbeing comparatively between the US and UK

Currently, her work examines the role of nonstandard work schedules on children's health and development and parent's wellbeing in the US and UK, work that has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

In her podcast, A Life's Work, Afshin explores the latest evidence on shift work and how it affects family life and the health and wellbeing of mothers, fathers, and children.

Prior to joining University of Nottingham, Afshin was an Assistant Professor at Oregon State University and has worked at the Social Research Institute at University College London.

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