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Will Shankley

Assistant Professor in Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences



Before coming to Nottingham I held postdoctoral posts in the School of Law and Social Justice (University of Liverpool) and at the Centre of Dynamics of Ethnicity (University of Manchester). My work focuses on the intersection between asylum and race and I am currently involved in the Lives on Hold Our Stories Told (LOHST) project, which examines young asylum seekers' experience of the asylum system in the UK during Covid-19.

I previously worked on an ESRC project entitled 'Together and Apart: the Dynamics of Ethnic Diversity, Segregation and Social Cohesion among Young People and Adults' with Dr James Laurence which examined how community-level measures of diversity influenced ethnic minorities' social and health outcomes. I am also a UK Data Service Impact Fellow and received the ESRC Baltic Scholarship (University of Latvia).

I completed my PhD in Sociology (University of Manchester) with a project focusing on the 'Residential Patterns and Decision-Making of Polish Internal Migrants in Britain'. I was a member of the Centre of Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) and recently co-edited a book entitled 'State of the Nation'. I have also worked as a researcher at the University of Manchester and the University of Birmingham as well as worked on public and mental health projects in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

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