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We deliver a full range of physiotherapy sessions which helps restore quality of life by increasing function and movement after someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.  

Sports rehabilitation aims to treat athletes or patients suffering from pain following an injury or illness primarily involving an individualised exercise-based rehab program which may be done alongside treatment interventions such as soft tissue massage, manual therapy, taping etc. The purpose is to improve an athlete’s or patient’s physical wellbeing relative to the demands of their sport or activity and return them to a level of physical function necessary to return to full activity.

So if you’re feeling sore and in need of a stress relieving and rejuvenating sports massage,  make sure your book your sessions with the Sports Injury Clinic at David Ross Sports Village.  

What does Sports Rehabilitation involve? 

 Sports Rehabilitation would initially consist of an in depth subjective (interview) assessment followed by a physical assessment which looks to diagnose the pain or injury and determine the cause of pain by examining not just the injured area but also other areas of the body which may make a patient more vulnerable to injury. This is then followed by outlining a detailed recovery plan which may include treatment and a progression-based exercise program which is suited specifically to each patient.

Sports Rehabilitation includes all stages of injury management which may begin from immediate injury care during sports first aid and post event injury management right through to designing a sports specific return to activity protocol which ensures a patient has had a complete recovery and is ready to return to their desired sport.

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