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University of Nottingham boat club race in Newcastle for BUCS Head 2022

After two years away, the University of Nottingham boat club returned to Newcastle to race BUCS Head 2022 on the Tyne, on the 26th and 27th February. With storms Dudley and Eunice keeping the club off the Trent for the last two weeks, everyone was very excited to get back on the water and benchmark themselves against the rest of the country.

The Saturday saw the Performance and Intermediate squads racing and with 15 crews racing over the two divisions, there were many success stories across the day. Some of the highlights included the two men’s lightweight quads, placing 3rd and 4th in their category showing depth in the lightweight squad. The men’s coxless had a good race placing 4th and winning BUCS points for the heavyweight men for the first time in at least four years in a highly competitive class - a great place to be in at this early stage of the season. On the women’s side, the Women’s eight having had to make a last-minute sub due to injury, beat Glasgow University in their morning race. They moved into the coxless four in the afternoon where they had a great, smooth row to win Gold by a huge margin, having pushed out top tier crews from Durham, Bath and Imperial for the top spot. A fantastic achievement for the four girls (Katie Kearsey, Grace Johnson, Charlotte Sanders, Georgie Thorpe) who have been training hard over the winter and it has now paid off.

From our intermediate squad, the men’s eight have moved on a long way since Wallingford Head in November. They attacked every moment of their race, managing to overtake Lancaster’s top eight and beating local rivals Nottingham Trent by over fifty seconds. The women’s quad raced as the lightweights in the morning, and with only one crew member changing for the open weight category in division 2, found their rhythm together and had a powerful row against their heavyweight opposition.

On Sunday, the Novice squad, having spent Saturday learning the course, were out for their first ever race. In the morning, the men’s 8 used their height and power to full effect placing 9th in a tight category after catching a crab 200m before the finish line. They are looking forward to the rest of the season with the A-final at BUCS Regatta well in reach.

The afternoon division saw the two women’s eights. With the wind picking up and some white horses on the final straight, the first boat had a hard race holding off Queen’s University Belfast, and stayed rowing together well despite the pressure of the other crews. The second boat recovered well from an early crab and settled into a strong rhythm when unfortunately, their rigger came loose and fell off with around 2000m to go. The other seven crew members did not give up and pushed on all the way to the line and with some stories to tell for their first ever racing experience. The men’s 4+ was a crew only recently put together and with limited experience, were looking forward to taking on the Tyne and had a decent row in a difficult category.

The boat club are all looking forward to our next events, finishing the head season with Women’s Head of the River Race (12th March) and Men’s Head of the River Race (26th March) before moving into BUCS Regatta prep and Easter camp.

The club would also like to thank everyone for the support that they have received. It has been a great year for the boat club so far, both in terms of results and the growth of the club post-covid including a squad of over 40 beginners. All of this of course would not be possible without the core coaching team of John and Tim (Performance Squad), Peter Boyes (Intermediate Squad) and Ailish Lurring (Novice Squad). The results and number of crews the club have at racing standard in BUCS competition are a testament to their dedication to the club.


BUCS Head 3


Full event results:

Women’s Champ 4-


Men’s Inter Lwt 4x (A)


Men’s Champ 4-


Men’s Inter Lwt 4x (B)


Women’s Inter Lwt 4x


Women’s Champ 8+


Men’s Champ 8+


Women’s Champ 4x


Men’s Inter 4+ (A)


Men’s Beginner 8+


Women’s Inter 4x (A)


Women’s Beginner 8+ (A)


Women’s Inter 8+


Women’s Inter 4x (B)


Men’s Inter 8+


Men’s Beginner 4+


Women’s Inter 4+


Women’s Beginner 8+ (B)


Men’s Inter 4+ (B)



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Posted on Tuesday 1st March 2022

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