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Strategy, Planning & Performance 


Business Intelligence (BI) means exploiting all data assets - whether internal or external - for operational excellence and decision support, where the ultimate purpose is contributing to the University's competitive advantage. To be effective we shall embed BI throughout the organisation through leading-edge data visualisations that contribute to genuine insights, whether that be about past, current or future students and their experiences, dynamics in research or philanthropy, or any other areas of University activity. 

Robust BI gives the University the capacity to measure and monitor activities, outputs and performance on many levels, using metrics aligned with University strategy. Beyond this, the targeted exploitation of big data, and the development of predictive analytics promises to enable the University to better anticipate, understand and even change its own future.



The BI unit has responsibility for developing and supporting the University's enterprise data warehouse and the 'MI Hub', which brings together many data sources in a single, consolidated and fully-conformed online reporting environment.

Providing this requires that we work closely with a wide range of data owners and BI 'consumers' and remain abreast of the University's evolving strategic priorities and the rapidly developing practices and technologies in the Business Intelligence community.

We work with the rest of the Division to embed data-driven decision-making into a wide range of processes and practices, and across the University to make sure robust BI works for you. To drive this forward we will be leading the development of Nottingham's BI Competency Community.


What we can do for you

  • Bespoke report development
  • Familiarisation sessions to ensure your area is fully aware of the BI services provided
  • Ad-hoc and bespoke exploration of data assets to address significant operational and strategic challenges


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Head of Statutory Student Reporting and Analytics

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Strategy, Planning & Performance

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