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International Welcome Programme

Information for students who are coming to our University is available on our website. If your question isn’t answered there, please search the below FAQs.

Yes there are several global food shops in Nottingham and Beeston. Many supermarkets have a global food section.

Global Food stores 

African and Caribbean food stores 

  • African and Caribbean foods - Wiloks - beauty products and groceries.
  • 1212foods – groceries, hair, and beauty products. Deliveries available.
  • Yomode Favourite African Foods Store stock many African foods- Directions.

Chinese food stores 

Persian and East European Food stores 

Many Polish food shops can be found in the Hyson Green and Radford Road area of the Nottingham (near Jubilee campus).


There are a range of opportunities organised by Chaplaincy to help you meet other international students regardless of whether you have any faith or not.

  • Cameo – Christian women welcome partners of international students from any faith or culture to fortnightly meetings.
  • Mosaic – Early afternoon meetings on Fridays during term time, for international women and their children.
  • Global Café - weekly meetings in Lenton, Nottingham City Centre and at Sutton Bonington. All international students welcome.
  • Trips for international students – trips to local and national paces of interest for all international students
  • Students’ Union Societies - For students, the Students’ Union Sports Clubs and Societies provide activities where you can meet students with similar interests.

The Healthcare team will only contact you if there is an issue with your registration.  

Please contact them first to make an appointment on 0115 8468888.  If you are self-isolating, please let them know when requesting your appointment.


Yes, it is if you hold a student route visa. If you have a short stay visa, you may be expected to pay for hospital care.

To access the community-based care from doctors and other health professionals you will need to register with a GP (doctors health centre/clinic) based at University Health Centre for students living on University Park, Jubilee or in Nottingham City or Beeston or at the Orchard Surgery in Kegworth for students living on the Sutton Bonington campus.

If you are here for a whole year or more, you will be signed up as a patient and have the same entitlement as British citizens because you have paid the health surcharge. If you are only here for a short period of time you can usually sign up as a temporary patient


Most dental treatment in the UK is provided by private dentists. Sometimes they still provide an NHS service which may be slightly cheaper.

There is a dental service at the University Health Centre where you can register. This is an NHS dentist. Charges can vary according to the complexity of treatment you receive.

It is advised that you register with a dentist as it may be difficult to get treatment in an emergency otherwise.

Click onto the HealthyU webpage and then follow the link to the International welcome Kit. You will find information about dental services in the Health Information for International Student’s section.

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