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How to apply for an overseas examination


Students are expected to sit their in-person exams in Nottingham, however if you believe you may require a written exam to be invigilated in-person overseas for the January examination period, please check that your School grants permission.

Spreadsheet for exams that can or cannot be taken overseas.

If permission is granted, proceed with your application. We must receive your application by Friday 24 November 2023 at 17:00 UK time in order to consider your request.

There are fees and other considerations so please read the information detailed below before submitting your application. Information on how to apply is under this tab "I am an international UK based student and I want to take my exams back in my home country. Can I do this and how?"

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Do I have to apply for every exam period?

Yes, you must apply online, and have your application accepted for each exam period that you want to sit overseas.

Completing an application form only entitles you to apply for the next scheduled exam period. Do not wait until you receive official notification via the Blue Castle or an official letter from the University before applying to sit overseas.

As soon as your School informs you of your results you must start making the arrangements.


I am a UK based student spending time in UNM/UNNC. Can I take my assessments back in the UK?

UK-based students spending time on a year abroad in UNM or UNNC who wish to take their assessments in the UK, MUST contact the Exams Office in UNM or UNNC to make the necessary arrangements. These arrangements ARE NOT made by the UK Exams Ops.

Students participating in a University of Nottingham Inter Campus exchange who must sit an examination for a module at a location different from where it was originally sat/scheduled must apply to sit “overseas” through the course’s original campus.

For example, a UNUK-based student who has returned to the UK and needs to re-sit an exam for a course they were enrolled on at UNNC/UNM during an exchange must apply to sit “overseas” through UNNC/UNM – even though the UK may not be considered “overseas” to this student. Please note there are strict deadlines in place.

UNNC Overseas examinations Apply to sit a UNNC exam at a different location

UNM Overseas examinations Apply to sit a UNM exam at a different location 


I am an international UK based student and I want to take my exams back in my home country. Can I do this and how?

There are several steps to this process and you will need to complete ALL of them.


You must have permission for EVERY module/course you wish to take. Below is a spreadsheet with pre-approved modules/courses. If your course/module is not on the list, you must contact the administering School/Department office for approval. If any of your exams cannot be taken overseas, or you have not received the correct permissions, your application could be refused and you would have to take your exams in Nottingham. 

Spreadsheet for exams that can or cannot be taken overseas.


Contact an approved overseas institution to ask if they are able to facilitate your exam(s). It is your responsibility to do this. If they need to contact the University please ask them to email the Exams Office.

The Exams Office will only make contact with the overseas institutions after the application deadline has passed.

If there is not an approved institution within a reasonable distance to you, please contact the Exams Ops as soon as possible. You may have to be prepared to travel at your own expense.

PLEASE NOTE: Some overseas institutions still have Covid-19 measures/restrictions in place. It is your responsibility to check what these are and comply with them.  


Applications for the August re-assessment period are now closed.


Can I apply to take my exams overseas if I have alternative exam arrangements?

Yes, provided that you have been assessed by Disability Support Services and you have adjustments to your exams such as additional time or a separate room. However, it is your responsibility to check whether your overseas institution is able to facilitate your requirements.

Please also contact the Exams Office as early as possible, particularly if you require a support worker, the use of a PC to type your exams or any other special equipment. 

Whilst every effort will be made to ensure that reasonable exam adjustments will be accommodated overseas, they cannot be guaranteed.


What happens after I have submitted my application?                                        


  • The Exams Ops will contact your School/Department to confirm that you have sought permission to take your exams overseas. If you have not received permission then your application may be refused.
  • You will receive email notification confirming that your application has been approved/refused.
  • The Exams Ops Team will liaise with your School/Department and your chosen overseas institution to make the arrangements for your exam(s).

When will my timetable be published?                                                   

The UK date and time of your exams will be published on the examination timetable personal exam timetable in early-December for January exams, the end of March for May/June exams and the end of July for August resits.

Your individual timetable will be amended to reflect the overseas dates and times of your exams after the UK dates/times are published. 


Will I take my exams in my chosen country at the same time as those taken in the UK?

All examinations should be taken simultaneously with those in Nottingham.

Where this is not possible, due to public holidays or closing times of your chosen institution, the Exams Ops will inform you of the alternative local time and date. 

It is not always possible to arrange an alternative time/date so if you do not have this permission from your School/Department you will be required to return to Nottingham to sit your examinations.


What should I do next?                            

  • Before the start of the exam period check your personal exam timetable via SharePoint to ensure that your chosen institution is showing as the location for your examinations. Please also ensure that this time correlates with the communications that you have received from your overseas institution.
  • DO NOT use the MyNottingham/MyCal apps to check your timetable. These applications may sync with the time zones set up on your devices, which may result in exam start times appearing incorrectly on your device. The Exams Ops will not be responsible for students reporting to their overseas exams at the incorrect time due to issues with set up of time zone/sync on your device. If you are unsure of your exam times, contact the Exams Office.
  • It is your responsibility, before your first exam, to contact your chosen institution to confirm all final arrangements and pay any local costs.
  • It is your responsibility to take your University ID card with you to your exams.

Are there any fees associated with taking my exams overseas?

Yes – fees associated with overseas exams are listed below:

  • The Exams Ops Overseas administrative fee is £150.00 per examination period no matter how many individual examinations are taken in that session (this charge applies to re-sits and first sits)
  • University resit fee - Undergraduate £80.00/Postgraduate £130.00 (if you are taking first sits only, this charge does not apply)
  • Local charges and/or costs directly to the administering overseas institution making the local exam arrangements. Please note UNNC and UNM may have local charges. 

The Exams Ops Overseas administrative invoice for £150.00 will be raised AFTER the August Reassessment Period (approximately October) to allow you to register. Information on how to pay will be updated shortly.

You will be required to pay the full amount even if you do not continue with the overseas examinations.


Can I cancel my overseas application?

Yes, you can cancel an application by emailing the Exams office


Is there a deadline for me to cancel my application?

The cancellation deadlines are published at the start of each academic year.

The deadline to request a cancellation for the August re-sit period is 2 January 2024



What happens if I don’t cancel my application by the given deadline?          

If you do not inform the Exams Ops of the cancellation by the deadline you will be required to pay the full overseas examination fee of £150.00, and you may be charged local fees by your chosen institution.


What should I do if my overseas institution asks me questions about the Examination process?

Please direct them to the Information for Overseas Institutions.





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