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Alternative exam arrangements

I have a disability/a long-term medical condition/a Specific Learning Difference such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or AD(H)D – how do I get exam adjustments?

You will need to be assessed by Disability Support Services. Please follow this link to make an appointment. There are deadlines by which you need to have been assessed in order to have adjustments in place for the next round of examinations. Please see below for further information.

2021/22 Examination Dates

Autumn semester

Monday 17 January 2022 to Saturday 29 January 2022 - including Saturday 22 January 2022


Spring semester

Monday 16 May 2022 to Wednesday 1 June 2022 - including Saturday 21 May and 28 May 2022. Please note this is an amendment to the previously advertised dates; this change is due to the extra bank holiday day in 2022 at the start of June.  

 The deadline to be assessed for the Spring Semester examination period is Friday 4th March 2022. 

Late summer resits

Monday 15 August 2022 to Friday 26 August 2022 - including Saturday 20 August 2022

The deadline to be assessed for the August re-sit period is Friday 15 July 2022

If you have not been assessed by these deadlines you will not have alternative arrangements in place for your examinations.


You should complete a University of Nottingham Extenuating Circumstances form and return this to your School as quickly as possible.

Information about extenuating circumstances can be found here.

Information on how your adjustments are applied to online timed assessments can be found here.

Extenuating Circumstances form


What kind of arrangements can be put in place for me?

There are a variety of arrangements that can be made for your exams, these may be in the form of additional writing time, rest breaks, the use of a computer, smaller rooms or the use of a separate room.

Guidance for students who require adjustments to their examinations due to a long term medical or academic condition.


I don’t have a long term condition but I had an accident/have a short term illness. What do I do?  

For more information please visit our Accident and short term illness examination arrangements webpage. 

Further guidance for students who require adjustments to their examinations due to an accident or a short term illness which only effects the upcoming exam period.  







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