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Registration frequently asked questions


New students registration questions

I am a new student, when can I complete my online registration?

Registration will open approx. three weeks before your start date. You will receive an email to your home email account asking you to first activate your username and password. After you have activated this you will be able to log on to your University email account where you will find your Online Registration email. Follow the instructions in your email to complete online registration. If you are a new full time student you will also need to complete in person registration too.

** Please note, if you have not received any email instructions Registration has not yet opened for you. Please check your emails on a regular basis and check your trash in case they have been directed there** If it is less than two weeks before your start date and you have not received your registration emails please contact registration@nottingham.ac.uk



How do I activate my University Username and Password?

In order to activate you University Username and Password you have to do the following:

  1. Activate your IT account
  2. Upload a photograph for your University Card
  3. Register on MyNottingham

For step by step instruction on how to do this please use the Guide for Online Registration  (PDF format)



I have activated my Username and Password but cannot see where to register online?

When you log in to your MyNottingham account to register you should see the green ‘Please click here to register online’ banner. Click on this and follow the steps to complete online registration.

If you try to complete your online registration BEFORE you have received your registration emails you will not see this banner and cannot complete registration. Please await the emails and try again.

If you try to log on to MyNottingham with your applicant username and password instead of your new University username and password you will not see the registration banner. Please ensure you use your newly activated University username/password combination.

If you are still experiencing difficulties please contact the IT helpdesk; +44(0)115 9516677. If you need to reset your password, please follow this Link




Is there any guidance to hep me complete my online registration?

Please see our Online Video for assistance. Please note that the National Insurance information that appears on your online registration screen is a default value which is not used by the University.

Once you have completed your online registration you will not be able to revisit the same screens. You will be able to update your address, email and telephone details via your MyNottingham account. If you wish to update any other information you can do so by visiting one of the Student Service Centres when you arrive.




I am starting my course in a few weeks and I haven't received any email confirmation from the University. What should I do?

Check with the Admissions Office that you do not have any outstanding conditions and
that you have formally accepted your offer of a place. If they confirm that
your record is OK and there is nothing outstanding then please let us know at registration@nottingham.ac.uk



What is In Person registration and where do I go to do this?

All new Full Time students must complete In Person registration. You will receive an email to your University email account explaining what you need to do to complete this.

Due to the current Covid 19 Pandemic we are not operating a central registration event this year. Full details on how we will complete your in person registration will be available on our 'attendance confirmation' web pages.



If I am invited to complete in person registration What should I bring with me?

Please bring your Student ID number (if known), passport/national identity card/birth certificate (home and EEA students), passport and visa/biometric residence permit (overseas students), evidence of meeting entry conditions (if applicable), your sponsor letter/evidence of funding (if applicable). ** Please note driving licences are NOT accepted as a form of ID**



I am a Part Time student, do I need to complete in person registration?




I am a Dual Partnership student starting my degree at another institution. Do I need to register now?

Yes you do. As a full time student you do need to complete online and in person registration. The latter can be done remotely. Please follow the instructions you have been sent on how to complete this.


Returning students registration questions

I am a returning student. When can I register?

You will receive an email to your University email account letting you know when you can re-register. You will be unable to re-register until you have received this email. 



I cannot complete my online registration as my progression to the next academic year has not been confirmed by the University. What should I do?

If you have assessments over the summer vacation or if you were studying away from the University last year, your progression status will be confirmed by 17 September.  Please complete your online registration once you have received your email inviting you to register.



I cannot register online due to outstanding fees/charges. Who should I contact?

Please contact the Finance Team for further information and to make a payment. Payments can also be made at the Student Service Centres.



I am studying away from the University on a year out this year, do I still need to register?

Yes, you will still need to complete online registration.



I am a research student about to enter Thesis Pending, do I need to register?

Full time students who are about to go into thesis pending are not expected to register online but have the option to register by submitting the Registration in Thesis Pending form to Student Administration. Please see the Research student information webpage for further details.