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Assessment resit information 


How do I know if I have resits

You will find out your marks from Blue Castle on 15 July 2021.

Please note a fail in a module does not necessarily mean you will have to do a resit.  The university progression rules are here (and you may also have some course specific ones).

The main things to note, with regard to failing a module, are regulations 10 and 11 which are printed below:

10.  A student who fails one or more modules will still complete that stage (subject to Regulation 11 below), and so be awarded the total credit for that stage provided that they have: 

(a)   Passed modules worth at least 80 credits and have a weighted average for the stage of at least 40% with no module marks of less than 30%


(b)   Passed modules worth at least 100 credits and have a weighted average for the stage of at least 50%


(c)   Passed modules worth at least 90 credits, have marks of 30% or more in modules worth at least 110 credits, and have a weighted average for the stage of at least 45%.

11.   Regulation 10 does not apply to the final stage of any degree programme nor to any module which is listed in the relevant programme specification as not compensatable. A student who fails a non-compensatable module will not complete that stage without successfully undertaking re-assessment in that module.

You will get confirmation of your progression on 27 July 2021 again via Blue Castle.

When is the resit period and when will I get my timetable

The resit examination period is Monday 16 August – Saturday 4 September.

The assumption is that you will take your exams during this period.

Should you wish to consider taking your resits in the next academic session, please discuss this with your tutor in the first instance.

Please note this would mean delaying the next year of course by a year as you cannot start the next year until you have progressed from the current stage of your course. If considering this option, you will need to take advise on what this would mean for your student loan, fees and for internalal students your visa status.

The timetable is currently being worked on and it is the intention to get the confirmed timetable out on 2 August.

Details on how to access the timetable will be available here close to the period


Is there a charge for resits or additional first sits?

The University resit fee is currently £80 (undergraduate) and £130 (postgraduate).

This is a one off charge regardless of the number of resits you have in a period.

There is no charge if you are taking a first sit.



Can I take my resit exam overseas?

Examinations will be online in August 2021 so our normal policy on taking examinations overseas is not currently relevant.

The full policy on overseas examinations arrangements are here


When will I know the outcome

Results of resits will be published in Blue Castle on 28 September 2021


What if I am unsuccessful with my resits

In some circumstances a second resit is an option. University regulations 18 and 19 are relevant here;

18.    A student who, after re-assessment, has not completed the stage under Regulations 9-11 (of the Completion of a stage section above) will not be permitted to progress further on that course and will have no further re-assessment opportunities, except in the circumstances set out in Regulation 19 below.

19.    A student who, after re-assessment, has not completed the stage under Regulations 9-11 (of the Completion of a stage section above) but:  

(a)   has passed at least 80 credits of modules in the stage, and

(b) has an average of at least 40% across all modules in the stage will be permitted one further re-assessment in the failed modules at the next available opportunity.

If, after this one further re-assessment, the student has still not completed the stage under Regulations 9-11 (of the Completion of a stage section above), the student will not be permitted to progress further on the course and will have no further re-assessment opportunities. 

Unfortunately, if you are unsuccessful after your resit (or second resit if the rules above apply) there are no further resit options available to you and your course will be terminated. Starting the course or year again in its entirety is not an option.


My resits were affected by extenuating circumstances. What should I do?

Please refer to the extenuating circumstances section on the main assessment information page

I have optional first sits, what do I need to do?

If you have been informed that, due to your EC claim, that you have optional first sits, you should have received a separate email from Student Services staff about the next step.

They are:

Finalists: We have processed your outcome and you will be able to see that in Blue Castle. Should you wish to take the first sit offered after seeing your award, please let us know on the form you will have been sent.

All other students: We have assumed you wish to take the first sits offered. Should you wish to not take the first sits after seeing your marks, please let us know on the form you have been sent.

If you have any questions, please make contact with Student Services.


 Who can I contact?

Your personal tutor or module convenor are people that you can speak to if you have any questions relating to your assessment marks or progression.


Student Services Assessment staff

Student Services deal with the administration side of assessment, examinations and extenuating circumstances. You can contact us via our enquiry form, live chat, telephone or making an appointment for an in person meeting.

Support and Wellbeing

Our Support and Wellbeing Officers can help you to find the right support service if you are unsure where to go




Student Services

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Please see our need help page for telephone and online contact points