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Students with academic or disability referral form that makes reference to a coursework extension

If you have an academic referral form (ARF) or disability referral form (DRF) that states on it that extensions to deadlines should be allowed on request wherever possible, you do not need to complete an extenuating circumstances form.

Instead you need to get the approval of the designated member of School staff on this form - Coursework Extension Request Form for students with an ARF/DRF, and submit it to a Service Centre. You do not need to include any supporting documentation. This form can only be used for one extension per assessment and must be submitted before the original deadline.

Submission can be in person or to studentservices@nottingham.ac.uk

If you have already been granted an extension on the basis of an ARF/DRF but your circumstances change, such that you would like to request a further extension to the already extended deadline, please follow the extenuating circumstances procedure.


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See the full policies on circumstances affecting study in the Quality Manual.

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