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Guaranteed Bursaries 2021/22

This information is for students entering the University in September 2021.

Assessments for the University Core Bursary and the Nottingham Potential Bursary will commence at the start of the 2021/22 academic year (September 2021).

The University of Nottingham will provide a generous package of bursaries to support full time undergraduate home* students from lower-income families who are liable for the 2021/22 tuition fee entering the University in the 2021/22 academic year. Students on NHS-funded courses are not eligible for these University bursaries (with the exception of the Nottingham Potential Bursary for Care Leavers or summer school attendees)**. New part-time students who are eligible for means-tested Student Finance will also be eligible to apply to the University Core Bursary and Nottingham Potential Bursary in 2021/22.

University Core Bursary

Nottingham Potential Bursary


University Core Bursary

Around a third of our undergraduate students are likely to be eligible for our Core Bursary, which offers £1,000 for each year of undergraduate study.

Bursaries of £1,000 are being offered to undergraduate students who commence their course at the University of Nottingham in the 2021/22 academic year and are liable for the 2021/22 tuition fee.  

To be eligible for this Core Bursary scheme you must:

  • Be registered on a full-time undergraduate degree course (or PGCE/GEN/ 1st year GEM) at Nottingham which you commenced in 2021/22.
  • Have UK home status for funding purposes
  • Be liable for the tuition fee set in 2021/22
  • Have had a full financial assessment carried out by Student Finance
  • Have a household income between £0-£35,000, as assessed by Student Finance 

Please visit the assessment procedure webpage for more information on how to get your Core Bursary.  Assessments will begin at the beginning of the academic year in September 2021 and will close on Friday 17th June 2022.

Part time students - The University offers financial support through the Core Bursary on a pro-rata basis for new part-time undergraduate students in 2021. You will need to have a means tested assessment carried out by Student Finance (SF) in order for us to assess your eligibility for the Bursary. Your award will depend on your household income taken from the SF assessment and the number of credits you are taking. Further information can be found on our web page 'Funding for part time undergraduates'.


Nottingham Potential Bursary

A Nottingham Potential Bursary provides an additional £1,000 a year to home students registered on a full-time undergraduate degree who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Entering via an Access route or with vocational qualifications (at further education level) and with a household income figure of up to £35,000 (as assessed by Student Finance) - we will require a copy of your certificate or transcript
  • Students with a household income figure of up to £35,000 (as assessed by Student Finance) with financially dependent children or adults - we will require a copy of your 2021/22 Student Finance letter showing you to be in receipt of either Childcare Grant, Parents Learning allowance or Adult Dependants Grant
  • Students who are currently or have been in public care for a minimum time period of three months and are under the age of 25 years at the start of their course  (please note that you can still apply for the Nottingham Potential Bursary for Care Leavers even if in receipt of NHS funding)- we will require a copy of a an official letter from your local authority confirming your care arrangements
  • Students who have fulfilled specified conditions through participation in the University of Nottingham's Sutton Trust Summer Schools, Nottingham Potential Summer School, Pathways to Law, Pathways to STEM, Ambition Nottingham (Post-16), or IntoUniversity Academic Support Sessions. These students do not need to complete an application form as they will be contacted automatically.

Who can apply for this Bursary?

In addition to the bursary-specific criteria outlined above, for all awards you must also meet the following core criteria:

  • Be enrolled on a full time undergraduate degree at the University of Nottingham (UK Campus)
  • Not have studied for an undergraduate degree before starting at Nottingham
  • Have ‘Home’ funding status
  • Not be on an NHS-funded course(with the exception of Care Leavers and Summer School attendees).
  • Have had your household income assessed for your statutory government support and
    consented to share this information with the University
  • Not be in receipt of a Maycock-Whileman Scholarship.

Students with Refugee Status can apply to the Maycock Whileman Scholarship . Please note that a student cannot receive both a Maycock Whileman Scholarship and a Nottingham Potential Bursary.

Part time students - The Nottingham Potential Bursary provides additional support on a pro-rata basis for new part-time undergraduate students in 2021.  You will need to have a means tested assessment carried out by Student Finance (SF) as well as meeting one of the criteria above in order for us to assess your eligibility for this bursary.  Your award amount will depend on the number of credits you're taking, in the same way as the Core Bursary.

Apply Now (Applications will open on the 20th September 2021).

The deadline for applications for the 2021/22 Core and Nottingham Potential Bursaries will be 17 June 2022.

*Student Finance (i.e. Student Finance England, Wales, Northern Ireland or SAAS) will decide your residency status. To be classed as a ‘Home’ student you must have been ordinarily resident in the UK for the three year period prior to the start of your course. Students granted refugee status and European migrant workers may also be eligible. If you are unsure of your status contact Student Finance for further information.

**Students studying Medicine are eligible for the bursaries during years of study in which they are funded by Student Finance but not in the years in which they are primarily NHS-funded (currently year 5 or years 4 and 5 in the case of those doing a medicine with a foundation year) with the exception of the Nottingham Potential Bursary for Care Leavers or summer school attendees

Note: All references to household income refer to the figure which is calculated by Student Finance when a student applies to them for means-tested funding.

Please refer to our Data Protection and Confidentiality Statement - for anyone who makes an application for funding from the Funding & Financial Support Team.

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