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Our bursaries help University of Nottingham students fund their time at university to ease some financial pressure while they’re studying with us. Unlike a student loan, bursaries are non-repayable, and you’re free to spend it in any way you’d like to help you while you study. 

Bursaries are usually based on your financial situation, personal circumstances or the subject you study. The Core Bursary, Nottingham Potential Bursary and Care Experienced and Estranged Bursary have unlimited places. This means anyone who meets the criteria of these bursaries will receive the funding.

But every bursary works differently, so explore the options below to find out if you are eligible, how to apply and how they will be paid once you start university.

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Core Bursary

For UK students with household income of less than £35,000 as assessed by student finance.

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Nottingham Potential Bursary

For UK students with personal circumstances or backgrounds that may have impacted academic potential.

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Care Experienced and Estranged Bursary

For UK students who have been in care or are estranged from their family.

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Government bursaries

For UK students on a range of vocational courses such as medicine, teaching, and social work.



More funding options 

If you don’t meet the criteria for these bursaries, you may still be able to apply for a scholarship. Click the link below to find out more about scholarships at the University of Nottingham.

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