Core Bursary Assessment Procedure



Assessment procedure for the Core Bursary 

Please follow the step by step guide below for Core Bursary assessment: 

Step 1 - Apply for Student Finance:

We assess the University Core Bursary using the financial assessment carried out by Student Finance.  Once you have completed your online or paper application for financial support from Student Finance, you and your sponsors (usually parent/s or a partner) will be required to submit financial information if you want to apply for a means tested loan. Unless you opt out, your household income information will be shared with us so that we can assess your eligibility for a University Bursary (this is a new data sharing agreement for 2019/20). 

Please be aware that to be eligible for the Bursary all assessments of your income by Student Finance must be completed and approved prior to the Bursary closing date (see below). Student Finance assessments can take 6 weeks or more so please ensure you apply in plenty of time and address any issues with your application promptly. 

If you do not want to give consent for your information to be shared with us, you should read the Privacy Notice in the accompanying notes to your Student Finance application (see page 9) and contact Student Finance to opt out. The number to call will depend on where you live. You and your sponsors will need your Student Support Number, Customer Reference Number and personal password when you call.  

  • England – 0300 100 0612 

  • Northern Ireland – 0300 100 0077 

  • Wales – 0300 200 4050 

  • SAAS – 0300 100 0609 

If you opt out of data sharing with Student Finance your financial information will not be shared with us and you will not be eligible for a University Bursary.

Step 2 - Complete Registration:

You will need to fully complete registration before you can receive your bursary. Freshers will need to complete on-lineregistration and in-person registration (this will be done at the registration event at the start of term). Returning students will just need to complete on-line registration.   

Step 3 - Provide your bank details:

You must ensure you have entered your UK bank account details AND enrolled in “Direct Deposit” via the finance page in your MyNottingham.  Once your student loan application, University registration and bank details (in MyNottingham) are complete the University Bursary can be paid to you, if eligible (see payment schedule below). 

Note: Once you have completed the 3 steps above, we can assess you for the Core Bursary. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING FURTHER. After you have been fully assessed, details of your award will appear on the Financial Aid section of your MyNottingham portal after the start of the academic year (23rd September 2019).  If no award details are showing by the end of October, please email us at

If have any questions about your eligibility or the assessment process, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.  If you cannot find an answer to your question there, please contact the Bursary Team by emailing

IMPORTANT: Please ensure the bank details you enter are correct. Entering incorrect details may result in a delay to your payment or, in the case of a payment being misdirected to another valid account, no payment being made. 
Payments will be made in three instalments, in early November, January and May (at the start of the Spring and Summer terms respectively), directly into the bank account you have nominated for Direct Deposit. 

The closing date to apply for the 2019/20 Core Bursary is 19th June 2020.