The Maycock-Whileman Scholarship

Before completing the online application form please read these guidance notes.

This scheme has been established as a result of a generous bequest to the University from the late Mrs Betty Whileman and provides £1,000 per year to successful recipients for the length of their course.

Data Protection Statement

Who can apply for a Maycock-Whileman Scholarship?

To apply you need to fulfil the following eligiblity criteria:

  • you must have been granted asylum in the UK on the basis of refugee status
  • be enrolled on a full time undergraduate degree at the University of Nottingham (UK Campus)
  • be liable for the £9,250 tuition fee
  • have 'home' funding status 
  • have a household income, as assessed by Student Finance, of below £35,000 and have consented to share this information with the University
  • you must not be on a NHS funded course
  • you must not be in receipt of the Nottingham Potential Bursary (the Core Bursary deos not affect your eligiblity for this award)

Applications for 18/19 are now closed.


When is the closing date and when will I know if I've been made an award?

The closing date for submitting the online application form for the 2018/19 fund is 21 June 2019. We will acknowledge receipt of your application by email to your email address within 3 working days. Please note, once you are attending your course at the University this will be your university email address.

Applications are assessed after the start of the academic year. You should expect to hear the outcome within 4 weeks of this date, or within 4 weeks of application date if submitted after the start of the academic year.



What is 'household income'?
The household income figure used by the University in relation to award eligibility is the figure calculated by Student Finance when you apply for your goverrnment support funding (student loans). It is the gross income of all those in your household (eg your parent/s or your partner) during the tax year prior to your entrance to University, before tax and national insurance deductions but minus a few allowable deductions. More information is available from 


What is a 'home' student?
Your student finance company (i.e. Student Finance England, Wales, Northern Ireland or the SAAS) will decide your residency status. To be classed as a 'home' student you must have been ordinarily resident in the UK for the 3 year period prior to the start of your course. Students granted refugee status or European migrant workers may also be eligible. If you are unsure of your status contact your student finance company for further information.


Applications for the 2019/20 academic year will open in September 2019.


 How to appeal

 If you are unhappy with the outcome of  your application for a Maycock-Whileman Scholarship you should initially contact us to discuss your concerns. If, after an explanation of the assessment of your application, you are still not satisfied and feel that there has been a procedural inconsistency you should contact the Financial Support Manager who will advise you on the University's procedure in relation to financial support appeals.


Please note, any appeal must be made within 4 weeks of the date of the email you receive notifying you of the outcome of your application.