New Students - 2018 Entry

If you're a full-time undergraduate student with home* fee status starting at The University of Nottingham in September 2018 there are several types of bursary and scholarship on offer. To be eligible to apply for most of these funds you must be liable for the home undergraduate tuition fee and not be in receipt of a bursary from outside the University.  If you're an International or EU student please go to the international scholarship pages for details of relevant scholarships.

University Bursaries

The University of Nottingham offers bursaries (non-repayable grants) to home students from lower-income backgrounds and to those from certain under-represented groups. Depending on your circumstances these can provide a total of up to £3,000 a year (in addition any Student Loan you receive).

These bursaries are guaranteed, which means if you meet the eligibility criteria you will definitely get the award - they are not limited in terms the number of awards available.

The awards included in this category are the  Core Bursary and the Nottingham Potential Bursary

University Scholarships

The University also offers a range of competitive scholarships with various criteria. Please click on the scholarship titles below for more information.

(Please keep returning to this page - further schemes may be added as they are confirmed for 2018 entry)

* A 'home' student is one who meets certain UK residence criteria. These are the same criteria as apply to eligibility for home funding from the Student Loans Company.

Potential Scholarships

These awards a funded by generous private donations and are designed to encourage and develop the potential of students from lower income backgrounds and/or those who have overcome significant difficulties to come to University. The Potential Scholarships have quite varied criteria and are largely competitive - have a look through them to see if you are eligible to apply.


Andrew Witty Entrepreneurial Scholarship

Sir Andrew Witty, Chancellor of the University of Nottingham, has generously established this major new scholarship programme for continuing and new undergraduate students in 2018.  The Andrew Witty Entrepreneurial Scholarship, programme for new students in 2018/19.


Travel Scholarships

Funded by generous donations, our Aspire Scholarships are competitive awards aimed at students who will be travelling abroad as part of their course. Please note, these awards must be applied for in the academic year prior to your study abroad year.

Travel Scholarships for 2018/19 will include:

Oblath International Enrichment Scholarships

Catherine Williamson Travel Scholarship

N Horton Smith & Aspire Travel Scholarship

The Monica Partridge Travel Scholarship



Scholarships based on the subject you are studying

Funded by generous donations we have several competitive scholarships that are based on the subject you are studying. Additional criteria will apply.

Please refer to the Subject Specific Awards web pages where there are relevant links.



Scholarships for students who are from the local area

If you usually live in Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire then you may be eligible to apply to the Ethel and Kevin Malone Scholarship (supported by FUN America), The Greenaway Scholarship and The Miller Scholarship. Further criteria apply - see the Potential Scholarships web page.


Sports Scholarships

The University of Nottingham offers a range of sporting scholarships aimed at providing an unrivalled level of support to the brightest and best talents in the sporting world. - see the Department of Sport web pages