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Listed below are questions that the Funding & Financial Support team are regularly asked about student funding/finance.  If you are not able to find questions you would like to ask then please email us at

  1. General funding questions
  2. Student Service Centres
  3. Tuition Fees
  4. Student Hardship Fund 
  5. Emergency financial assistance
  6. Welfare benefits and miscellaneous


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General funding questions


How long will it take for my student maintenance loan to come through? 

In your first year you must have completed on-line registration and attended the University registration event. The first payment should then be in your bank account (as advised to Student Finance) within three-five working days. Second and subsequent year students should complete on-line registration and the first instalment should be in the advised bank account within a couple of days of the start of term. If this does not happen please check that you have received a Notification Letter from Student Finance. If you have you should visit a Student Service Centre for help and advice. If you have not yet received your letters then please wait until received before contacting staff for assistance; unless you are struggling financially (in which case please contact Funding and Financial Support).



How do I get my Core Bursary?
Eligibility depends on household income and the course you are attending. To apply for a Core Bursary you have to complete a simple procedure on the Student Portal. Please refer to the 'how do I get my bursary?' page for further information.


Am I eligible for the Core Bursary?
If you are a full-time, home student*, studying for an undergraduate degree and you have been financially assessed by Student Finance who have calculated your household income as below £35,000 per year then you should be eligible for the Core Bursary.


What bursaries and scholarships does the university offer?
You can find out more from the Bursaries and Scholarships web pages. Also check out the web pages for the School you wish to attend (e.g. Economics).


Are there any grants/bursaries for postgraduate students?
The Government offers Teaching Bursaries for PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate of Education) students and they can access funding from the Student Loans Company too. Masters and PhD students may be able to apply to the Student Loans Company for a Postgraduate Loan. 


Where do international students go for financial support?
International students experiencing financial problems should come to see a member of the Funding & Financial Support Team or email us at 


* A 'home' student is a person who meets certain UK residence criteria.  The same conditions apply to eligibility for student funding from Student Finance

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Student Service Centres

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The Student Service Centres are Central, Portland Building, University Park (UP), UP East (Physics Building), UP West (Humanities building), QMC, Jubilee, Sutton Bonington, Derby (Royal Derby Hospital) and City Hospital. The Specialist Processes team including Funding & Financial Support is based in Cherry Tree Lodge, University Park. Please see the Find a Student Service Centre page for more information.


I am based at Sutton Bonington Campus, is there any financial support and advice here?

You can contact the team anytime by emailing or by calling us on 0115 82 32071 between 8.30am - 5pm



What is a Funding & Financial Support Drop-in session, and when and where are they held?
Our drop-in sessions are opportunities for you to speak to a member of the Funding and Financial Support team. Please see our talk to us web page for further information and dates and times for all drop-in and appointment sessions.

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Tuition Fees

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How much are tuition fees?
Please refer to the University Fees web pages for more information.


Can I pay my tuition fee in instalments?
If you have taken out a Tuition Fee Loan from Student Finance then this is paid directly to the University and you do not need to worry about instalments etc.  However if you are responsible for paying the fee yourself then you can pay in instalments.  The Fee Services web page can provide more detailed information including deadline dates for payment

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Student Hardship Fund

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What is The Student Hardship Fund

The Student Hardship Fund is distributed by the Funding & Financial Support Team at the University to students in financial need, in the form on non-repayable grants. Eligibility for an award is assessed on an individual basis, and money may be granted to either help towards a shortfall between income and expenditure, or alternatively to help towards an unexpected essential cost (eg repairs to essential household equipment). 

Students must have taken out their full student maintenance loan entitlement before applying to the fund. In assessing applications the University adheres to national guidelines on hardship support and has very limited discretion with regards to individual cases.



How long will it take for my application to the Student Hardship Fund application to be assessed?
Once we have received your application with ALL relevant supporting documents,  it may take up to three working weeks for the team to assess and reply to you with the outcome and possibly longer during busy periods.


Can part-time students apply for the Student Hardship Fund?
Yes they can, for help towards associated course costs eg printing, books. Part time students starting new courses from 2018/19 (who are eligible for maintenance support from Student Finance) can apply for help with living costs.


How do I apply for the Student Hardship Fund?
Application forms are available to download from the Support Funds web pages.  You can also email to request a form or call us on +44 (0)115 8323071 and we will post a form out to you.  Complete all questions on the application form and return it to us to the email address on the form, with relevant supporting documents.


How much money might I get from the Student Hardship Fund
If your application to the Student Hardship Fund is successful awards range from £100 to, in exceptional cases, a maximum of £3,500.


Can a postgraduate student apply to the Student Hardship Fund?
A postgraduate student can apply to the Student Hardship Fund where they have experienced an unexpected change in circumstances which has impacted on the financial provision they had in place for their course. However the fund cannot be used to meet the cost of tuition fees and it is assumed that postgraduate students have made provision for a basic level of financial support.  Contact the team for further information on +44 (0)115 823 2071. Postgraduates (normally domiciled in the UK) on a part-time course with a low income may be eligible to apply to the Revis fund for help towards the cost of tuition fees. 

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Emergency financial assistance

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Does the University offer any emergency financial assistance?
If you are experiencing a financial emergency as a result of unexpected circumstances we may be able to help you with a small interest free loan from the Student Crisis Fund.


What is the Student Crisis Fund?
The fund provides small interest free loans to students who are experiencing financial difficulties because of a substantial and unexpected change in their circumstances after admission to the University. In some circumstances small, non-repayable grants may be made. Contact Funding & Financial Support to discuss your circumstances further on +44 (0)115 823 2071.


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Welfare benefits and miscellaneous

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As a full-time student am I entitled to any welfare benefits?
Lone parents, students with a disability and student couples with children may be entitled to welfare benefits.  Please contact the Student Union's Advice Centre (SAC) for further information on +44 (0)115 846 8730.


My bank is charging me lots of money which is taking me over my overdraft limit and then they charge me more.  What can I do? 
Contact your bank to discuss the problem charges with them.  If this does not resolve the issue, go to the Student Union's Advice Centre where staff will help you draft a letter to ask for the charges to be refunded.  If the bank charges are as a result of ongoing financial difficulties you may wish to apply to the Student Hardship Fund (see above).


I am not managing my money at all well.  Can you help?

You can download a budget planner and find advice on managing your money at our Budgeting web page.  You can also call in to see a member of the Funding & Financial Support Team at one of our Drop-in Sessions

As a University of Nottingham student you can also sign up for free to Blackbullion's fee online financial education modules, using your University email address.


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