Funding for new undergraduate students in September 2020

On this page information is for full time undergraduate students who normally live in England and have 'home' fee status. In other words you must have 'settled status' and lived in England for more than three years prior to the start of your university course. In addition, you must not already hold an honours degree. 

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All figures given are subject to Parliamentary Approval.

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Details below are for students who normally live in England. Students who normally live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland should check their funding with the relevant body.  (See related links) 

The information below relates to funding offered by the UK Government and the University for students who intend to start a first undergraduate degree in September 2020.

From the UK Government - Student Loans Company

Starting University in September 2020 

Tuition Fee Loan

The Tuition Fee Loan offered for 2020 will be up to £9,250 . This is likely to be the fee for the University of Nottingham undergraduate courses, for new students with 'home' fee status, from September 2020

Living Cost (Maintenance) Loan

The maximum maintenance loan you will be able to apply for in 2020/21 is £9,203. You can receive some of the loan without having a household income assessment carried out, but if your household income is around £62,000 or below you can receive a higher rate of loan. Check the table below for more details, including the person/people whose income has been used within the assessment process:

Maintenance Loan (Living away from home)
 Household income Assessed contributionAmount of Loan 
 £25,000  £0  £9,203
 £30,000  £0  £8,544
 £35,000  £0  £7,884
 £42,875  £0  £6,845
 £50,000  £940  £5,905
 £55,000  £1,599  £5,246
 £62,249  £2,556  £4,289
 £65,000+  £2,556  £4,289


If you decide to stay at home and live with your parents while you are a student, the amount of loan you can receive is less: 

Maintenance Loan (Living at home)
 Household income Assessed contribution Amount of Loan
 £25,000  £0  £7,747
 £30,000  £0  £7,095
 £35,000  £0  £6,442
 £42,875  £0  £5,414
 £50,000  £930  £4,484
 £55,000  £1,583  £3,831
 £58,222  £2,004  £3,410
 £60,000+  £2,004  £3,410


Please note the loan rate for all students in their final year is less.

Additional Support

Grants are available depending on your specific circumstances and awards are assessed on your household income. These are the Childcare Grant, Adult Dependants' Grant, and Parents Learning Allowance.

If you already hold an honours degree please refer to our ELQ factsheet under Useful Links or call us for further information.

If you are hoping to study Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy or Dietetics you may also be eligible for the additional funds offered through the NHS 


Your Student Finance Journey from Student Finance

Information about repaying your student loan/s

From the University

The University will continue to offer a generous bursary scheme and there are a number of scholarships offered. Award levels will be confirmed soon when further details will be available on our Bursaries and Scholarships pages.

If you find you are struggling financially while at University then there are support funds available that you can apply to.  Visit the Support funds and Managing your money pages for more information.